What Are Different Types Of Product Liability Cases?

on May 02 at 08:04 AM
Dangerous products that cause accidents are often featured in the news, leaving many customers concerned that they have dangerous products in their homes. Many manufacturers may replace defective goods if they pose a health risk. But what happens if you are injured as a result of the product?

Fortunately, customers in the United States have the right to sue manufacturers and distributors for product liability. Product liability is classified into three types: design flaws, manufacturing flaws, and marketing flaws. Each group represents a different type of negligence.

Design Defects

Design defects refer to flaws in the very design of a product. The problem with a product is not unique to just one item, but it is widespread. These defects typically result in recalls. In many common cases, design defects occur in automobiles.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are flaws specific to one item in a particular line of products. These items are also referred to as lemons. Most states have lemon laws requiring manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers to replace defective products.

Marketing Defects

Marketing defects are most often flaws in labeling. Specifically, these are usually flaws in warning labels. Potential consumers are misled into thinking that certain products have no potential dangers associated with them when in reality, they do. Marketing defects usually occur when a manufacturer fails to properly test its product or purposefully mislabels the product to drive sales. This is a highly illegal practice.

Responding to Injury

In the case of an injury caused by a faulty product, consumers may hold the manufacturer, distributor, or supplier accountable. Determining who to hold accountable requires individuals to determine fault. In most cases, an experienced Product Liability Attorney can help an individual determine fault.

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