Thinking About Switching Internet Companies? Some Considerations.

on April 23 at 03:38 PM

If you are thinking about switching internet companies, know you aren't alone. People constantly switch internet service providers when they have the option to do so, even though there aren't many options in some places. Still, it is understandable that people want different options because the price increases almost yearly and the offerings tend to get pay-gated more and more. Once you start to look for a new provider, you will see that many companies are all the same. However, you need to look for a few different things, including one that uses wireless internet service provider management tools that make the services better. This will make your experience better.

Still, most people don't have the choice to switch internet companies, especially those who live in rural areas or places that are underserved. Having the option is a luxury! If you want to go on the internet, however, you don't necessarily need to pay top dollar. There is some competition out there and if you are willing to give a smaller company, or a municipal company, a shot, you may have some great options. 

Why Don’t We Have Access To More Options?

If you are in the United States, you are probably confused about why you don't have any other options when it comes to switching internet providers. It seems like a simple task and in a world where we can get everything we want at the drop of a hat, why can't we just switch? The unfortunate answer to that question is that there are some monopolies out there, particularly in bigger cities where it is impossible for companies to survive or in rural communities that other companies don't have the money to infiltrate. Even in places where you have a lot of choices, there are only a few that can give you what you need. 

Still, those bigger companies aren't exactly the villains. They can make things harder and will out-market smaller companies, but it is local governments that make things really hard. They make it almost impossible for communities to have more options because providers need to maintain and own the lines that bring internet (and cable) to communities and homes but they don't own something very important to the process: the poles. That's right, they don't own the poles that hold the cables. It adds layers of complexity and can make things really difficult.

Local governments make it really hard for providers, especially new providers, to use these poles and there is a fee associated with the permits to use them. Companies just starting out often can't pay the price. If they do want to do something new, like install new wires to give themselves an advantage, they need to get new permits. Of course, there is usually something shady going on behind the scenes.

New providers are priced out and while there isn't a lot of "proof" that this happens, it is easy to assume there is something going on. Even if they don't work together, companies can actually sue the government to make it harder for new companies to use those poles - which is what those big-name wireless providers do.

So What Happens If You Need To Switch Providers?

If you do need to change providers, you should sit down and do some research. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and even local government officials to see what your options are. If your neighborhood has a Facebook group, this is a perfect conversation started.

Even so, most people are left to talk to their current providers and see what kind of deal they can come to for better service or cheaper prices. Often, it doesn't yield many results. It may be a good idea to break up your services and not go with the same company for your internet, phone, and cable. It could also be a good idea to threaten to cut the cord, as this will often open up new possibilities.

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