Carrot Health Benefits

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Carrot is generally sweet in taste, nutritious and crispy – carrots are wealthy additions that one can add to the selective list of one’s vegetable diet. In fact this root vegetable contains a lot of health enriching elements like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in substantial quantities.

Scientifically, carrots belong to the family of Apiaceae. The scientific name of carrot is ‘Daucus Carota’. Carrots are grown and cultivated across the globe for their high value taproots. This plant bears flowers during the course of second season. However the entire plant is harvested much early without waiting for the final manifest when its root measures close to an inch in diameter, tender and juicy.

Carrots are classified according to their color, size and shape contingent on the type of cultivation. Carrot is a winter season crop and is widely cultivated in several areas of Asian Continent

Low Calorie Count

A carrot does not beef up too many calories. They add a minimal 42 calories on an average for every 100 grams of fresh and farm carrot. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*). This is one of the basic health benefits of carrots.

Sans Fat & Cholesterol

Carrot does not contain too much fat content. Neither does it contain any cholesterol. This again is a very pertinent health advantage that carrot offers. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Warehouse for Nutritional Attributes

In spite of zero fat & negligible cholesterol, sweet & crispy carrots are an epicenter for several health facilitating antioxidant and Phytonutrient & diet fiber which are very important for maintaining good health. (*4,6, 8 & 9*). This is once again a very popular health benefit of carrot.

Rich A C Vitamin Content

Carrots are extraordinarily significant source of carotenes and vitamin-A. 100 gms of fresh and farm carrot provides 8,286 µg of betacarotene and 16,707 IU of vitamin-A. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Fights Cancer Menace

Research has suggested that flavonoids elements prevalent in carrots do safe-guard human from falling prey to the dangers of skin cancer, lung cancer and oral cavity cancers. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Guards from Oxygen Radicals

Inside the human body, carotenes transform into A vitamin inside the liver. Betacarotene is a significant carotene classification prevalent in the roots.

Betacarotene is one among the strongest and most powerful natural antioxidant that shields our bodies from the ill effects of dangerous oxygen- driven radicals. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Promotes Vision Health

It is an open secret and widely known fact that carrot is a magnificent source of rich A Vitamin nutrients. Hence, they discharges all the important duties of A vitamin. The basic such duty is facilitating standard vision and eye care for the human body

Sperm production

Various studies and researches have scientifically proven and corroborated that the element of A Vitamin present in carrots has assisted in reproduction, which is other known referred to as Sperm Production. This is one of the major health advantages of carrots.

Epithelial integrity, growth and development. Many experts who have carried out extensive research has indicated that carrots are an effective source to ensure Epithelial integrity, growth and development. This is on account of the A Vitamin nutrients present in abundance in carrots. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Destroys Cancer Cells

Carrots have abundant polyacetylene antioxidant and falcarinol. A study recently conducted and concluded by learned experts and scientists at the University of Newcastle on animals in America has pointed out that the content of falcarinol present in carrots might assist in waging a war against the ill-effects of various types of cancers by eliminating cancer causing cells inside the tumors. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Ensures Safety of Cells inside the body

There are various Phytochemicals which are present in carrots. Some of the phytochemicals such as lycopene and carotenoids have the capability to safe-guard cells and other structures inside the human body from the danger of oxygen-free radicals. (*4,6,8 & 9*)


In addition to the above, carrots are super rich with several B-complex vitamins like folic acid, B Vitamin-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin, pantothenic acid, etc., These elements in partnership function as co-catalysts to enzymes during the process of substrate metabolism inside the human body. (*4,6,8 & 9*)

Healthy Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

In addition to all the above stated health benefits of carrots; they also contain significant quantities of minerals like CU (Copper), calcium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. Potassium is an important element of cell and body fluids which assists in managing healthy heart rate and blood pressure by negating the ill-effects of sodium.

Presence of Manganese in abundance

It has to be noted that the human body uses the mineral of manganese, present significantly in carrot, as a co-catalyst for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase(*4,6,8 & 9*)

Negligible Side-Effects

Sensitivity or allergic reaction to carrot is not widely known and is very rare. It is a wholesome health promoting vegetable and all & sundry can safely consume this fruit. Further, it can be noted that there are no side effects reported out of consumption of this high nutrient vegetable. (*4, 6, 8 & 9*)





VITAMINS C Vitamin K Vitamin E Vitamin A Vitamin B2, B3, Pyridoxine, Niacin & Pantothenic Acid
FAT Cholesterol
MINERALS Calcium CU (Copper) Iron Magnesium Zinc &



ELECTROLYTES Sodium Potassium
PHYTO-NUTRIENTS Carotene-ß Lutene – Zeaxanthin Crypto-xanthin-ß

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