The Best Ways to be More Competitive in Table Tennis

on April 20 at 01:38 PM
Each year more people start playing table tennis and increase the sport's popularity. If you are one of them, there may come the point where you want to play more seriously. Of course, you need to shop for some better ping pong accessories, including a new packet as a first step. Then it's time to begin studying better players and learning more about the game. With practice and training, it's an attainable goal to reach the intermediate level for most of us. When you do, you understand the skill and strategy of the sport and can use them to improve your game. Some players even work with a coach.

As you probably realized not long after picking up a table tennis racket for the first time, adding spin to your shots is a crucial element of more advanced play. You'll need to make shots with spin and return them effectively to play competitive ping pong. If you're reading this article before playing much table tennis, players add a spin to the ball by brushing the ball with the paddle as they hit it. There are countless ways and reasons to add spin, and no two players are alike in how it factors into their games. It is, however, vital to know how your opponent uses spin so that you can return shots effectively.

While speaking of opponents, it's worth mentioning your return shots' success will depend on understanding how your opponent places a spin on the ball. The best players have a strategy and don't let anything affect their concentration as they play the game. If you lose your concentration, it's too easy to start missing shots you could have landed. If you're playing against a worthy opponent, they will push you with every shot and try to break your focus. It's why you want to begin playing against more formidable opponents as soon as you can so that you become accustomed to the pressure you'll face.

As noted earlier, some players with the funds begin working with a coach. If you find someone who will help develop the skills you need, it can be a considerable help. Many beginners, and even some intermediate players, put all their time into playing practice games. While practice is great, it can't always help you improve all of your skills evenly. It's why coaches isolate specific skills like footwork and have their players use practice drills. It might not be immediately apparent why training drills are so important, but if you give them time, you'll begin to understand. Better skills help you win games.

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