We Are All One & Helping Each Other - Pak24tv

on April 08 at 08:47 AM
These are the remarks of Mr. Greg Zaller the founder of LWCO Honorable Pakistan Even though I am from the USA, part of m soul lives in Pakistan. After the earthquake, my heart directed me to help a small village rebuild, and then I raised the money for this. So many people came then but I've never really left. Today I am working on schools for the poorest based on giving themself. respect. We help ourselves by helping each other and we honor the potential in every person. We don't reach down to the poor but help them to reach out to us. These poor struggle to pay their teachers so they can learn and find ways to give and Little World Community Organization provides some opportunity. They are working now to open more schools and send representatives to the china disaster. There are opportunities and honor for others to join and become a part of their simple and Powerful love. They need your help to sell their products or to give them a means of transport to china or books for a new school. When we help others to help others (all living things) we are following God's most basic law of love and so much good will be returned. We are all one. Pak24tv

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