Real Estate SEO: Capture More Clients With These Best Practices

on April 02 at 04:40 PM

Real estate has been in the limelight for quite some time now as the competition keeps on getting ardent day by day. The real estate niche is extremely competitive across the country but especially in major metro cities. There is the solopreneur community agonizing themselves to match the level of national & multinational corporations, everyone trying to put in everything that they have to improve exposure and get those leads. 

Fortunately enough, you don’t have to compete against hundreds & thousands of real estate developers or agents. You are serving hyperlocal areas so the only competition you have is with the businesses based in the area same as yours. But again, based on your area, the competition may be tough between small real estate firms. 

Almost about 90% of the property seekers in the world are using internet sources to find their next residential or commercial property, which obliges real estate developers to make it a point that their online presence is valuable. SEO is an important aspect to increase your reach and engage large clientele from online sources but generic SEO is not as effective as it should be for real estate businesses.  The SEO strategies & tactics are different for the real estate niche as you must focus on your unique audience that is looking to buy, sell, or rent a property in your area of service.

          Real Estate SEO & It’s Importance

Knowing that such a huge part of the homebuyers are relying on online sources to find their perfect home, it can’t be clearer how big of a role digital platforms play in your audience’s property buying journey. Google is your target location if you want to attract more potential customers from online sources and search engine optimization SEO is the best way to go about it.

SEO is a process in which the content from your website & blog is optimized to make it more authenticated for search engines to push you to the top of search results. The relevance & insightfulness of your online content for search engines decide where your website & blog pages will be displayed in a search query. 

Real estate SEO helps to increase organic traffic to web pages associated with you so that you get better quality as well as quantity of leads which in turn improves sales, reduces CPA, and ultimately outstanding conversion rates are achieved.

          Leading Real Estate SEO Techniques 

Once you know what real estate SEO is and how it functions for you, here is a curated list of top best SEO practices for your real estate business which you can start implementing to enhance your site structure and content for desired results:


  • Keyword research & planning 

Keyword research is one of the most significant & administering aspects of performing SEO. If you want organic traffic to your website from search engines like Google, you must direct your efforts in the respective direction. Researching for keywords that are relevant to you and you wish to rank for on the search results is the best way to do that. “Keyword” is the phrase that people are typing when browsing the internet for something, real estate properties in this case. 

Once you know the way people are searching for real estate properties, you know what keywords you wish to rank for and make changes in your website pages & blog content to attract the target audience.

  • Website & page-level structure 

Understanding your website’s structure is an integral part of launching real estate SEO campaigns as a good website structure can contribute highly in attracting qualified leads. Your homepage must be at the top of the structure followed by navigation pages and other individual pages at the last. The users can easily navigate through your products & services, so can search engines to analyze the content and put you on the search results.

  • Premium & informative blog content

To make it evident that you know your area well enough for selling properties to potential homebuyers, you can convey this by posting classic content on the blogs for search engine users to see it. It is a good technique to create content on similar subjects but with different keywords, but don’t simply guess the subject of your content. Write around things that people search for as the main aim is to attract traffic from search engines. 

  • Make your website mobile-friendly

With more than half of the online traffic being mobile users, it can’t be exaggerated how important it is to make your website as fast as possible, especially for mobiles. Moreover, Google now also has an algorithm called mobile-first indexing which implies that the crawlers consider a mobile version over the desktop version of your website to decide where it should be placed in the search results. 

  • High authority backlinks

There are many ways to get powerful backlinks for your website but guest posting & infographic content are the two most effective ones. This practice is used to provide free, useful content in your industry and link the content to your site so that your traffic as well as authority from here. 

  • Optimize Google My Business listings

Keeping your Google My Business listings up to date is one of the most important parts of local SEO which is substantially important for real estate websites. These listings are the source where Google pulls data from when displaying search results. The information is not just your location & contact details but also reviews and ratings which will affect your ranking in the search results. 

Along with keeping your contact information updated on Google, responding to online reviews is good to practice for your SEO. 

  • Get citations 

Not only listings & reviews from Google My Business but search engine crawlers also pull data from other directories and data collectors to influence the search results for local search terms. For real estate, directories are a great source of citation which will also contribute to assisting you with acquiring clients, thus, it is important to get listed in such sources.

Here’s a quick list of real estate directories for you to get started:

  • 99acres

More than half of the real estate professionals have adapted themselves to using online mediums for leads, and you must do the same if you want to keep up in the race. Good SEO practices are just the first step and SEO takes time because it happens organically but it is worth all the time and efforts. 

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