Sociology Term Paper Topics

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  • A Sociological Understanding of the Youth Serial Killer in Today's Culture.

This paper will discuss the nature of the serial killer in the juvenile stages of development. By understanding the sociological implications that this gives, we will seek the motives for this type of pathology in the world today. An examining the factors that can sociological show the occurrence of this type of crime, will help with dissertation writing and help deduce the themes that can create it.

  • A Summary of the Article: "Social Worker Jane Addams Advocates Civil Housekeeping".

This paper will provide a summary of the article "Social Worker Jane Addams Advocates Civil Housekeeping", and seek to understand the Federal control over government that was making the Progressive Party rewrite aspects of the American Constitution.

  • A Theory of Balance in Societies.

Using the distinction outlined by Robert Carneiro between coercive and voluntary theories of the formation of complex societies, this four-page undergraduate paper explores how historians may need to adopt a theory that balances these extremes. 

  • A Tradition of Mercy

This paper according to the experts from buy assignment help service describes the tradition of the sisters of mercy beginning with some background history on Catherine McAuley, and tracing their journey across the United States. This paper focuses on the feminist aspects of the sister’s mission, particularly their goal to help impoverished young women become educated. This paper also draws attention to the ways the sisters have stayed current with the times.

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  • A View of Two Worlds: Why Some Countries Prosper While Others Face Poverty

This 9-page graduate paper considers why certain civilizations, states and societies and succeeded and why others have not, and concludes that colonialism, stereotyping, population growth, geography, education, foreign intervention, and agriculture tend to work in favor of already-wealthy countries while impoverishing developing countries. Colonialism has created a set of economic and psychological legacies which continue to naturalize some states as leaders and other states as "natural" and "child-like" dependents. Agricultural dependency in the developing world and agricultural technology in developed nations ensure that developing nations are more vulnerable to climate change and shifts in the market. Geography tends to work for developed nations and against developing states, as well, as temperate-climate nations use their impressive research and development funds to create products and technology that largely ignores the needs of those in tropical climates. Since developed nations have decent living conditions currently, changes in population tend to benefit them, while poorer nations find their economies and resources strained by sudden demographic shifts. Some scholars contend that inherent state weaknesses or strengths - especially state willingness to control violence and provide education - contributes to the poverty or affluence of a nation.

  • ACS Helps

This paper discusses the role that the Administration of Children's Services provides to New York City's teenage mothers

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