5 Smart Ways to Water Your Indoor Plant while you’re Away

on April 02 at 08:24 AM

Most of us have or love to keep indoor plants at our place whether at house or office. Keeping plants is like keeping pets and plants also need proper care and love like pets. If you want your indoor potted flower plant to stay healthy, fresh, and glowing, you must have given them proper care.

But the most important thing that makes a plant different is you cannot take them with you whenever go outside. But if you go for some days, it will make your plants brown or dead, and seeing this would be disheartening and very painful as you have raised them with so much care and love.

If you are facing this problem then you are at the right place. We have listed down the 5 smart ways to water your indoor plant while you’re away. All these hacks are very simple and will help you in keeping your indoor flower plant green and blooming.

5 Smart Ways to Water Your Indoor Plant While You're Away

Let’s dive into something special for your indoor plants that help in keeping your plants always fresh and beautiful even when you are not there with them to feed them. Use these ideas according to your type and requirement of the indoor plants.

1) Bottle Irrigation System

It is one of the best ways to water your plant while you are away from your indoor plants. You can make a bottle irrigation system at home easily with a bottle (size depending upon your potted plant) and an aluminum cap.

Take a glass bottle so that you can see the level of water and refill it. Fill your bottle with the water and cover it with the aluminum cap and make 4 to 5 holes in that cap. Go to your plant that you want to give water, with soft hands, make a hole beside the plant. Then slowly put the bottle’s mouth inside that hole without making any mess.

Now the rest work will be done by the soil and plant. The plant will soak up the water from the holes whenever they want.

2) Bathing the Indoor Plant

It is also a great way to keep your flowers alive and fresh when you are away.

For this, you just have to fill up the sink or any tub with some water and cover the water surface with a towel in a way it doesn’t get away. Take the plant that you want to water and put it on the towel that is laid on the water surface.

Before putting your plant, ensure that your potted flower plant has good drainage in order to let roots soak up the water from the towel quickly and when needed.

You can opt for this idea of watering your plants when you are going outside for around a week and you don’t want your plants to get dry.


3) Water Wicking or Water Reservoir

This is also an easy and quick watering way that can help while you are away from your plants.

You need a cotton rope that will absorb the water and send it into the plant. Put one end of the cotton rope into the water and the other end into the soil of your plant (2-3 inches inside the soil).

This method also helps the people who have more than one indoor plant in their house and want to keep alive them all. You just have to take a different cotton rope for every plant. Put one end of the rope into the plant and another one into the bucket or anything in which you have kept the water.

It is a great way if you need to water multiple indoor plants with one method.

4) Plastic bottle tank

You can make a plastic water bottle tank with waste or any other plastic water bottle which would be one of the great ideas you can opt to keep your plants alive.

First, take a plastic water bottle according to the water need of your plant. Make holes 5 or 6 holes around that bottle and 2 or 3 at the bottom.

Now, keep that bottle into the soil, leaving the cap and 3 or 4 inches of the top of the bottle outside. Before filling the water bottle, water the soil enough so that plant will not soak the entire water bottle tank in just a few seconds.

Now, fill the water tank with water and the rest will be done by the plant. You can use this method when you are away or not getting the time to water the plant. You just have to refill this handmade water tank whenever you get away or not getting time to water your plant regularly.

5) Greenhouse bag

It is a time-consuming method as compare to the other ones but works well if done properly.

First, you need a plastic bag of a size that can cover your plant and pot easily. Keep in mind the bag should be bigger that cannot touch the plant while covering. A little bit of contact is ok but it should not be touching leaves from every corner.

Before covering the plant, make sure your plant is filled with water. Now, cover the plant and pot with that bag and blow some air into the bag when it is covered properly. It is because plants should not touch the leaves.

Now keep your plant in an area where it can get indirect sunlight. Now, the greenhouse will capture water when it will evaporate and the drips will go back to the plant. This method is great as you can save water by not refilling the plant and your plant will remain healthy while you are on a vacation.

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