Best Ways to Get more Followers on Twitch Organically

on March 29 at 01:16 PM

Twitch is an online video streaming service that connects millions of people across the world. The post briefs you on the tips and strategies you can use to grow your channel on Twitch. Everybody wants more people watching them on Twitch. But, the question you have to figure out is, how do you get people to find you? You want to get them into your channel and stay there, but how to do that?

You have to get more people to discover you with top of funnel tactics. And if you are not sure what that is about, then do not worry. The post helps you sell yourself without selling out and make a living as a career.


Organic Twitch Growth Hacks:

The truth is your potential viewers are not ready to watch you yet. You have to hit potential viewers again and again for them to consider watching you. You need to nurture this relationship to make them ready to watch you and get real twitch followers for your profile.

But you have to be in front of them every single step of the way when they are ready to do that. That is why it is called top-of-funnel tactics. They may not want to watch you today, they may not want to watch you next week, and they may not want to watch you in a month, but maybe after that, they might make a decision. And when they are ready, you will be there to have the link.

The motto of the top of the funnel is “always look for new viewers”. These are the place and strategies you should use to find those viewers.


Twitch Discovery:

This is the hardest place to find new viewers. The top of game categories is usually dominated by people who have already climbed the ladder. And you do not want to replicate what they are doing because you are not in the same places. They were in the same place that you were a long time ago.

So, let’s focus on what you can do, and you should not chase the top of the discovery window. Try to get people to discover you by chance. One of the best things you can do is look over the thumbnails in a discover window and see how you can discover a thumbnail different from all the others.

Also, make the title enticing. What makes your stream unique? What are you doing that day or the topic of discussion? Those are two ways to activate Twitch discovery, but Twitch discovery is the most challenging way to find new viewers.



Never buy followers. Artificially inflating your numbers will not give you an engaged audience. It will provide you with just a number. You need to engage an audience who will go into your channel instead of people who stop by your Twitter and go elsewhere.


Create Quality Content:

Above all the strategies, you have to create quality content because quality content gets discovered.  Content beats out everything. You cannot go out with bad algorithm content. Try to have people follow you on Twitter and then convert them over to Twitch.


How Do You create Quality Content?

You should remember why you are creating it? What is important about it? What is unique about it? What is entertaining about it? You need to put value into the world so people can recognize that.

While creating content, image work, gifs work, videos works, especially videos, you put subtitles on them because many people on Twitter are watching without sound. So you need to engage them with and without sound and start interesting conversations.

You need to make a point and ask a question of the audience of what they think. You need to jump into other people’s conversations and earn important points. Ultimately join the conversation by either creating your conversation or jumping into other people’s conversations.

If you offer quality content, then people will want to have you in their stream. And if someone gives you a follow, you need to check them out and see if they’re worth having a conversation with. Ultimately if your content is good and relevant, people will re-tweet and like that content which will be shown to other people.

Many people on Twitter forget that you can put a return character in your tweet, and it makes the height a little bit bigger, which gives it a little bit more visibility.

But what you can do is tag people after a raid. If you get raided or raid someone else, you need to recognize those people. After a charge, that creator might be looking for you, and you might earn a new follower or a new group of followers from that follow because they might then like and re-tweet your content.

Try to build a network of people who trust you and your content to share with others. And when someone comes to your Twitter page or wants to know who you are, and you should ensure that you have a solid bio of who you are, what you do, and where someone can find you



YouTube has a great discovery algorithm, but many rumours you’ve heard about YouTube’s algorithm are probably false. The truth is YouTube rewards content that has been engaged with longer. 

So, you want people to watch your videos in order to increase more views and popularity however you may also use facebook live stream that also works great when it comes to the popularity and also make sure you watch more of your videos, and then watch other people’s videos. Because if you’ve started a session with people spending more time on YouTube, your videos will be raised in the algorithm.


The Bottom Line for Twitch:

If you’re taking clips and videos from your twitch channel and throwing them up on YouTube without any editing or any context, who cares? So, you need to create YouTube content with context.

If you’re putting together a compilation video, what’s important about that compilation? What commentary can you add? What is the “plus one” you can add to YouTube content that makes your Twitch videos more unique? Or you can create original YouTube content that complements your Twitch channel?

The other thing about YouTube content is to make the beginning short and sweet. You have a small window to interest somebody in your video. You shouldn’t ramble on for 30 seconds to a minute without getting to the meat of your content. Such as get me immediately and then hit call to action later. Call to action thing like “hey, go check my twitch stream or subscribe to this channel.”

Also, you should not use language to explain that the video is over.  Language such as “don’t forget to like share and subscribe” are signals to viewers that your video is over. So, they leave, and they don’t watch another video of yours.


The bottom Line: Create Quality Content:

When somebody has enjoyed your content, they’ll want to know where else you are on the internet. That’s when you hit them with a Twitch link. YouTube algorithms are great. You should make YouTube videos, but you should do in providing quality content.


Creating Podcasts:

Doing some talk show and then uploading that to Spotify or iTunes is another place for exposure. If you have guests on your performance, they will bring their audience to you, and you need to share audiences.

That will be a new set of viewers who might decide that your content is for them as well. And speaking about meeting other people, networking should be number one in your book. It’s a way to build one-to-one trust.

So, whether you’re on Twitch, Discord, or Twitter, you’re doing podcasts. So, any of that stuff, connecting with people in a human, personable way, is elite discovery. But you have to remember to give value to get value.

You can’t just jump into a relationship asking for everything upfront.  You need to give something first, maybe good content, good value and reap the rewards.


Take Away:

The beginning of a streaming career is not very simple. It would be best if you never forgot that success does not come overnight. So, to work hard and put in your complete dedication. And if you follow the strategies discussed in the post above, you will surely get twitch followers fast.

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