Understanding the Periodic Table: An Essential Part of Early Chemistry Studies!

on March 27 at 12:11 PM

Chemistry is commonly regarded as being one of the most complex fields of scientific study by young people. However, during the middle school stage, your students (or your child) must be given the support they need to understand the fundamental scientific principles that they are being taught. Fortunately, we provide premium-quality middle school science lesson plans for many teachers, giving your students the right start with the science lessons they need.



What is the Periodic Table?


First things first, we need to clarify what the periodic table is. Indeed, your students – or your child - will be using the periodic table extensively during their scientific studies. Even if they choose not to continue their studies further, the periodic table is still essential even at the middle school science level. As such, you should ensure they are given the information they need to understand and use it successfully.


As defined by Thought Co, the periodic table is “a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements by increasing atomic number which displays the elements so that one may see trends in their properties.” In short – the periodic table arranges all of the known chemical elements (for example, oxygen, carbon, helium, nitrogen, etc.) based on their structure. Different chemical elements have differing features. Of these, their most distinguishing features are the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons they contain.



How Middle School Students Use the Periodic Table


The periodic table gives information about these different elements and their makeup. It also gives information about an element’s name and chemical formula (for example, hydrogen is H, meanwhile helium is He).


We won’t get into great detail about how science learners use the periodic table now, as your middle school students only need a basic understanding of the periodic table. However, it’s safe to say that the periodic table can give your child a good understanding of chemical elements’ structure and arrangement. It is, as such, an important part of their learning.



Get Support With your Learners’ Lessons!


The periodic table can be an incredibly complex topic to teach to middle school science students. But if you’re struggling to work out how to teach your students how to use the periodic table, contact a member of our team here at Lab-Aids today. We provide premium lesson plans for science classes, all of which are designed with curriculums in mind. Ensure your students are given the solid scientific foundations they need to prosper in their studies with help from our team!

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