The features and benefits that will make you Choose motorcycle protective shirts

on March 24 at 11:49 AM

It is a well-known fact that para-aramid fabric Kevlar is one of the most popular fabrics among motorcycle enthusiasts because of the toughness it offers. Kevlar have been integrated in motorcycle safety gear because of its amazing protective qualities and light weightiness. It has been raised up with motorcycle jeans, jackets, Kevlar shirts, and other riding equipment.

In this article, we are discussing the perks of having Kevlar shirts and how they are serving motorcyclists with the styles, designs, and safety measures. Motorcycle protective shirts look casual when you first see them, but they are actually padded and lined with Kevlar to give you best protection. Jackets and hoodies are not the only options left for riding in, motorcycle protective shirts are easy to wear and can be a good choice especially in summers. Let’s look at some of the features that make them different and beneficial.


motorcycle riding shirts


The patterns and style

You will definitely fall in love with the patterns Kevlar shirts are made of. If you ride every day and want something casual, fashionable, and protective, motorcycle protective shirts might be the best purchase you would ever make for yourself. The check patterns and vibrant colors make you love them more as well they will suit men's personality. The colors of these Kevlar flannel shirt usually include white, blue, green, black, and red, grey that would also make you more visible on the road.

Material difference

Motorcycle riding shirts are not made with leather from inside or outside. Other than leather jackets, Kevlar flannel shirt are constructed with flannels that provide them with a casual and comfortable look both from inside and outside.

Flannel is a soft material that is either made of synthetic fibers or cotton and wool. Motorcycle protective shirts might not have a shiny look but they are much more comfortable and lightweight than leather and would be best to wear in summers when you are riding in extreme sunlight.

Number of pockets

Pockets are very important to keep little essential things you would need while riding and the best Motorcycle riding shirts have a lot of them. Best quality motorcycle protective shirts have multiple deep pockets inside so you can remove or place armor whenever you want. In some good Kevlar shirts, the pockets are even zippered and protected to keep mobile phones and other things safe from falling out.

What are the benefits? 

We already know that Kevlar shirts are very popular in male motorcyclists because they usually prefer to be more comfortable and casual. But there are some more benefits the beginners need to hear to clear any doubts left.

Many riders think that motorcycle protective shirts are made with the same old designs that they hesitate to wear at this time. You don’t need to hesitate as Kevlar flannel shirts are made by keeping in mind the latest designs in trend.

Kevlar shirts are the best replacement for regular clothes for the riders who ride daily and want something casual to wear as well as comfortable. The best motorcycle protective shirts have vents beneath them that allow air-circulation, keeping you sweat-free. The material will also prevent your body from getting sun burns as Kevlar is a heat-resistant material and does not get heat up in summers.

It is concluded that Kevlar shirts can be protective and beneficial.

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