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Urea is an high concentration nitrogen fertilizer, which is a strong neutral quick effect fertilizer and will also be used to produce many forms of compound fertilizer. Urea is true to all crops and all soils, can often be used as base fertilizer and fertilizer, dry paddy fields could be applied. No harmful substances remain inside the soil and you don't have adverse effect on long-term application. Animal husbandry can often be used as feed to get ruminants. Property: It is definitely soluble in water and alcohol. Its water solubility can be faintly alkaline. It decomposes whenever heated over fusing point. Under high temperature, it could undergo a condensation impulse and form biuret, triuret and polyhydrocyanic acid.

Urea is often a high concentration of nitrogen fertilizer, can be a neutral organic fertilizer, also can be used in the production of a large number of compound fertilizer. In business, for steel, stainless aluminum chemical polishing has whitening impact, used as a corrosion inhibitor within the metal pickling, also included in the preparation of the actual palladium activation fluid..
Packaging and Transport
50kg, 500kg, 1000kg PP bag or pallet available, Saved in cool, dry and draughty storehouse. Kept aside form fire, heat reference, moisture. Avoid packing ruin. when necessary should often be placing the waterproof canvas.

Accounting Standard: GB/T 2440-2017It is definitely white granular with little hole, not absorb seepage. The nutrient include ammonium nitrogen as well as nitrate nitrogen, the nitrate nitrogen quickly dissolves, has great activity in soil that will supply the nutrient necessary by crop. More than 80% in the phosphate is water soluble. This product would work to all soils plants, it can improve this phosphate needed by vegetation, especially in the shortage P soil, the result is more excellent.
Usage: This product is appropriate to may soil herbs, it is widely used for the economic crops, especially for the lack water crops.
Packag and also Transportation: 50kgs/bag, PP and PE bag, net fat 50±0. 5kgs. It need to be stored in dry in addition to windy warehouse. Keep distant from sun and rainfall. Water soluble fertilizer (WSF)

Water Soluble Fertilizer (WSF) We are offer several product wrinkles of water soluble N-P2O5-K2O fertilizers, worthy of different crop needs and then for various growing conditions. Our WSF are manufactured from high quality raw materials and inspected carefully prior to and after production. The products contain chelated micronutrients make them a unique line of products. Major technology, stable quality We own the unique intellectual property rights for that entire production process through dissolution of phosphate good ole' to production of nitrate fertilizer making use of distributed control systems (DCS) to make certain stable quality.
Balanced nutritional requirements, significant yield increase Some of our formulations contains high articles of water soluble phosphorus, trace and beneficial elements which guarantee balanced nutrients absorption for any crop and improves that flowering and setting proportion. Compared with conventional CF, it could possibly increase yield by 8-25%.
Exceptional quality Builds stronger actual and improves fruit progression, increasing the protein plus soluble vitamin content supplying good taste and colour.
Improved resistance Enhances plant’s capacity for disease resistance along with cold tolerance.


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