It can be composed of two one half couplings

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1The double-row roller string adopts the chain particular in GB1243. 1-83 "Short Torque Excellence Roller Chain for Transmission".
2The sort and size of base hole keyway meet in order to GB / T3582-1997, and also the shell structure, size could selecte as requirements
3Advantages: easy structure, easy assembly and also disassembly, idle motion exsit if reversed, and not suitable for reverse transmission with great impact load. Roller chain coupling brief introduction:

It can be composed of two one half couplings and connected by sprocket meshing via a common roller chain. Common roller chain couplings are usually: GL roller chain couplings, KC sprocket (chain) couplings, nylon chain couplings, silent chain couplings and so forth.

The difference between roller chain couplings is whether there's a cover on the outside the house. If have, while it really is beautiful, also play a role in protecting the safety of workers. Once the chain breaks down unintentionally, it can play a certain cushioning effect, thereby lowering injuries.

Its low price, low requirements for assembly accuracy, and certain capability of relative displacement settlement. Which makes it easy assembly and installation, transportable and reliable work.

Along with the roller chain coupling is known for a simple structure, consisting regarding only four parts: 2 shafts, a chain, as well as a casing. For general sprockets, the type of the chain will be 4 points, 5 factors, 6 points, 8 things, 1 inch, 1 inch and a half, 1 inch A FEW, 2 inches, 2 inches and also a half, and 3 inches width.

Roller chain couplings is usually applied to the shafting transmission of agricultural machinery, mining, chemical, engineering, textile, light source industry, lifting and transport machinery. No matter that environment is humid, dusty, as well as high temperature.

Here would be the disadvantages

1must need the protective cover

2 Superior lubrication conditions. If it's not at all well lubricated, will effortless to break, which can cause the machine to stop working and become hazardous. Therefore, it is better to equip having a protective cover. Of training, it can be omitted when the speed is not high.

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