You can also get hold of a high-power switching

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choose and use TOP5050led light source, without spot, small light decay, good regularity

Products with low electric power consumption, high brightness, endurance, maintenance-free

use double side flexible PCB, beautiful physical appearance, good cooling effect

IP20 watertight rating up above

Small voltage input, safe along with reliable(DC12V)

5METERS/ROLL, 3leds one point is often cutted

Advertising signs, illuminqted symptoms, slim boxes, plastic personas. Etc

1. Installation procedure for flexible light bar

JUST ONE. Tear 3M glue

You will find there's self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive within the back of each DIRECTED flexible light bar, and these can be torn off directly while installing, and then fix the light bar within the installation position and stick it tightly manually.

2. Cut the length on the LED strip at will

As for some places that need to be turned or the length on the LED light bar is inconsistent. The circuit structure on the LED light bar is composed of 3 LEDs in series and parallel, and each 3 LEDs could be welded or cut in will.

3. Fixing associated with flexible light bar

If its installed outdoors, it will be easily affected by the outside world, which will affect its use. As time passes, the decrease of 3M adhesive can cause the LED light icon to fall off, so remedy it with a card position. The place that must be connected and cut is the same as the indoor installation technique, only need to be prepared by waterproof glue to bolster the waterproof effect from the connection point.

4. Electric power supply for flexible mild bar

The general voltage from the LED flexible light pub is DC 12V, so a switching power supply is needed. The size of the ability supply is calculated based on the length and power of the LED flexible light icon. You can also get hold of a high-power switching power supply as being the main power supply, and connect many of the LED flexible light icon input power in parallel, as well as the main switching power supply is used to supply power.

YOUR FIVE. Use amplifier for BROUGHT ABOUT flexible light bar

If the connection distance of that LED light bar is actually long, and the controller cannot control that long light bar, it is critical to use a electric power amplifier for tapping.

SIX. Power connection method of LED flexible light tavern

LED light bars generally have three voltages: AC220V, DC12V, and DC24V, so you must choose a suitable transitioning power supply. The size of the power supply is based on the power and connection length of the LED light bar. Monochrome 3528 area and 5050 patch, the wiring means of LED lights DC24V and DC12V is as employs: black wire replaces unfavorable "-", red wire replaces positive "+", and a soldered "red plus black" power cord is usually provided, Just plug it directly in the light strip switching electric power supply provided. The black wire is connected to the negative "-" from the switching power supply as well as "red" color wire is linked with the positive "+" belonging to the switching power supply.

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