the "Nicepal" and "Green Current" make series products won

on March 24 at 07:35 AM
Ginger may be the fresh rhizome of perennial spice ginger, in Chinese treatments ginger has divergence, anti-nausea, anti-cough and other effects. Nicepal Ginger Natural powder is selected from Hainan new ginger, made by the world's sophisticated spray-drying technology and digesting, which keeps its eating routine and aroma of fresh new ginger well. Instantly dissolved, easy to use.
Ginger is the fresh rhizome of perennial herb ginger, in Chinese meds ginger has divergence, anti-nausea, anti-cough and various effects. Nicepal Ginger Powder is selected from Hainan unique ginger, made by the world's most advanced spray-drying technology and digesting, which keeps its diet and aroma of clean ginger well. Instantly dissolved, simple to use.
Keep fresh vitamins and pure ginger essence, quality assurance, color herbal, good solubility, no preservatives, not any essence or synthetic pigment.
Hainan Nicepal Sector Co.,Ltd. was built in 1999. After in excess of 20 years of progression, it has become today's enterprise integrating agriculture, marketplace and trade, diversified products and solutions and strong financial durability. We have got ISO9001 Excellent Management System Certificate, ISO22000 Nutrition Safety Management System Certificates and BRC global Standard for food safety Certification. There are two pillar industries that are planting industry and the current agricultural product processing business.
Nicepal has a controllable fruit base of over 600 hm2, thus providing the source, quality, health and safety and traceability of nutrition materials. Relying on Hainan Island's abundant tropical fruit resources, the organization uses modern biotechnology plus advanced spray drying technological innovation to independently develop along with produce “NICEPAL”tropical fruit as well as vegetable powder. This series of products fill the domestic blank and still have won many national technological innovation patents, becoming the leading innovative products in the country. The rapid freezing technology must be used to produce various "Nicepal" quick-frozen fresh fruit puree series products, which achieve the maximization associated with freshness and nutrients; As well, Nicepal fruit and vegetable powder was used as raw material to produce the "Green Current" a line tablet candy products manifested by lime candy, which created a forward thinking brand of tablet exotic fruits. In 2016, the "Nicepal" and "Green Current" make series products won renowned brand products and popular trademarks of Hainan Domain. Our factory is in Hainan Island, the exclusively tropical island in China. Its surroundings are not just rich in tropical fruits, but also free by environmental pollution, which can easily ensure the high eating plan and purity of products. Relying on its herbal geographical advantages, the business builds perfect quality together with international standards, only to dedicate a brand new, natural and original ecology to more people.

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