CoinDogg Donations Explained

on March 24 at 04:59 AM

Since the rise of web 2.0 platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and more, the world has seen a nearly exponential increase in the number of creators producing and publishing content online. Creators are now producing content in all kinds of digital mediums including:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Written Content (blogs, articles, etc)
  • Podcasts

This list goes on and on and is seemingly endless.

However, despite all this progress and growth of the content creator industry one thing has remained largely the same, that is the wide reliance on advertising revenue as the sole means of monetization.

Relying on advertising revenue is problematic for creators as it means they are not always free to create the content they want and at times have to play to the demands of advertisers.

Most advertising networks are also controlled by large technology companies like Google, meaning that content creators lack power when negotiating ad revenues with network operators.

Challenges like the above in addition to more competition for the same amount of advertising dollars have driven many creators to look for alternative means to fund their businesses. This trend has seen the rise in the adoption of platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans by creators and is where CoinDogg is aiming to take things to the next level.

CoinDogg and Its Support for Creators
CoinDogg is on a mission to build the first blockchain-based digital rewards platform for content creators and their supporters. Their platform will empower independent creators to monetize their content in any currency on any platform and reward their loyal followers with tradeable NFT rewards.


CoinDogg is a safe, easy, and profitable platform for creators as well as their followers.

The beauty of this platform is in the way that it can reward the content creators. Imagine this for a moment, you have your favorite CS:GO or Fortnite streamer, and he is simply wrecking the competition, however, not a lot of people know about that streamer, and teams have not discovered that streamer so he or she can monetize from their talent.

However, you are fully aware of their existence, and just want to give them that little push they need so they can motivate themselves to push hard and become a professional at what they do.

Now, let’s assume this streamer streams every single week, and let’s assume that you absolutely love it.

This is where CoinDogg can help. Through the usage of this exchange platform, you have the ability to easily donate to their channel, and in return, that streamer gets a rare collectible digital reward. This is in the form of an NFT or a Non-Fungible Token.

Now, that streamer, once they have received the token itself, can either choose to keep it, or openly trade it on the blockchain.

CoinDogg incentivizes followers to donate, and as such, it increases the chances for that streamer to receive compensation and as such, empowering that streamer to continue to create new content.

This is all done in a safe and secure way, so the security of neither user is compromised.

CoinDogg is essentially building a platform that allows independent content creators to monetize while rewarding their followers with tradable NFTs.

These Non-Fungible tokens are a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique, such as unique currencies and utility tokens. They are not mutually interchangeable and are not fungible. No NFT is ever the same as any other NFT that exists out there, and as such, they all have their different values based on their own uniqueness as well as desirability.

As such, as a content creator, you never know what you will end up getting, it could be something that’s worth a lot or something that’s just truly rare and unique to the point where you might never want to trade it. In any case, CoinDogg opens the flood-gates as to new and exciting ways through which fans can support their favorite content creators, and as such, the creators can have further incentive to keep doing what they love and push themselves to become the best versions of that.

The CoinDogg IEO will commence on Exmarket Launchpad from March 26th, Feel free to join CoinDogg community for more details!

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