Check these 6 signs and symptoms in your pets for their healthier life

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In humans, expressing emotions and thoughts is easily possible through words. Whereas in the case of four-legged members of your family you need to be additionally careful to keep them fit and fine. Just because when pets are sick they can't say it in words but they do try to convey via physical activity, behavioral changes, and several signs. These changes might be due to illness or even due to certain environmental alteration that is affecting your pet. You can take a quiz to check your pet’s health. To make pet symptoms easy for you, here are 6 pet health check signs that prompt a quick call to take action concerning your pet’s health or even visit your vet.


Vomiting or Diarrhea 

Vomiting is not uncommon in the case of dogs and cats without being ill seriously. If your pet vomits and gets back to his/her normal life in terms of eating and being playful it's not a bad sign. But if your cat or dog vomits at any specific time in a day you need to do something about it urgently. This is a clear symptom of illness especially when you also observe lethargy and loss of appetite along with vomits.


Apart from this, if blood is seen in the vomit its possible reasons could be gastric ulcers or in certain cases due to swallowing a foreign object like sharp bones, socks, mittens, strings, toys. Vomiting and diarrhea in pets could be due to gastrointestinal illnesses or parasite infections also. Don't ignore these signs and see your vet immediately for your pet symptoms checker.


Urinating more or less often

Urinating is a much-ignored sign in the case of both cats and dogs. Well, you must take into report when and how much is your pet urinating. As increased urination is a sign of liver or kidney dysfunction or even adrenal gland-related issues in some pets. If you observe that your cat or dog is feeling more thirsty and is urinating more than usual you must get him/ her checked for diabetes at first. On the other hand, if your pet is urinating less than normal, this may be an indication of urinary tract infection or related problems. It may also be due to bladder stones especially in cats. Don't ever delay in such situations and fix an appointment with your veterinarian.


Lack of appetite and less activeness

Pet symptoms like this might seem vague at first as loss of appetite may be due to fever or pain. If you notice a lack or decrease in appetite of your pet for more than a day, talk to your vet. With those having cats, this is a worrying issue as it could lead to the fatty liver which is a potentially fatal disease and immediate treatment is utterly necessary. In case of a visible drop in the energy level of a cat or dog, you should keep an eye, and if persistently energy levels are dropping as it may be due to heart ailment.



If chronic coughing is persistent, it might be related to heart or lung disease. This may be due to kennel cough in dogs which goes away within a few weeks. But it may be dangerous for puppies as it leads to fatal pneumonia. If this situation continues see your vet immediately to avoid any severe respiratory issues. Apart from coughing, dog sneezing and discharge from eyes, ears or nose must also be taken seriously.


Skin issues and hair loss

The most common reasons for skin problems in pets are due to fleas, ticks, mange mites, and ear mites. When cats or dogs have ear mites or yeast infections you will notice them scratching at the ears often. Apart from these reasons endocrine problems may also cause hair loss or itchy skin.


Stiffness and difficulty in rising

Dogs and cats also suffer from arthritis which leads to stiffness, lameness, and difficulty in rising from the ground. These reasons may incur in case of hip, spine arthritis, or disc disease. If these symptoms are ignored it could lead to worse outcomes like problems in urinating. The best way to keep your cat and dog healthy is to keep a close eye on these signs and visit your vet for routine check-ups.


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