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Paradise Lost Essay – A Portrayal of Man’s Downfall

Paradise Lost written by John Milton is considered one of the greatest poems ever written. Because of its popularity and greatness, it was only a matter of time before literature students in all academic institutions were being given this assignment. Paradise Lost is not an easy poem to understand. A good Paradise Lost essay will discuss the underlying theme which the poet intended to convey and the usage of prose and words.


In order to be able to write a good essay on works of literature, the first requirement is to read and understand the poem well. Written in blank verse, this poem is about God, Satan and Adam and Eve’s fall from grace. The poem is very controversial as it provides a sympathetic view towards Satan and not Adam and Eve. The poem tells us about the creation of Adam and Eve and how they lost their place in the Garden of Eden, aptly named Paradise. Written in similar form to the first chapter in the bible, this poem also provides interesting views towards Satan’s beginnings. It is a lengthy poem about Satan, originally an angel named Lucifer. The poem states on how Lucifer waged war on the Gods and as a result was banished to hell. Lucifer or Satan’s ultimate revenge against God was the leading cause of Adam and Eve’s downfall. Adam and Eve’s down fall signifies the downfall of the human race.


Writing the Essay

The Paradise Lost essay can be written in many ways. For example, students will be able to write about

  • the heroism of Satan and why he is portrayed as a sympathetic character
  • the distinction between Milton’s idea of God and his Son being two different entities as opposed to the bible
  • the manner in which Milton discusses the nature of women and compares it to men
  • students will also be able to compare and contrast two or more characters from the poem
  • write a character analysis of any one of the characters in the poem and provide your opinion of them as well.


Unlike the writing of college application essays or any other type of essay, this type requires great understanding of the writer’s style of writing. Just the task of deciphering the words will take time. However, understanding the language as well as the intended message of the poem is critical in order to write a successful essay. If time is running out and you need to submit a well written essay, you could go through a few samples of essays as well on


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