How to fix slow internet issues?

on February 12 at 08:10 AM


We have come a long way since the pandemic hit our lives in 2020. Now it has been more than a year and we are still fighting the pandemic crises which emerged worldwide due to COVID-19. As is advised by health professionals around the world, the only way to minimize the spread of this virus is by staying indoors we are confined to our homes. Though it was said that the vaccine has arrived and the UK was the first country to use it, it did not work. The UK is under a lockdown ever since because an advanced form of the virus has hit. One thing is clear, no matter it is 2021, we are still going to live indoors for quite some time even now. Since we are indulged in remote work and the remote classes are being held in all schools. We need lightning-fast internet more than ever. Let us tell you that you can get the latest internet that is fiber-optic internet through Windstream internet plans, you may check that for the highest internet speed.

No matter what is your internet connection, you can still face slow internet issues. There are a few hacks and tips that you can use to fix your speed lag issues. We are mentioning a few tips that you can follow when you face a slow internet speed issue.

Run a speed test:

When you face an internet speed issue and you are not aware of the internet speed that you have signed up for the first thing that you need to do is to run a speed test. Just download the speed test app on your mobile device or you can also run a speed test online. You may choose the app that appears as a top-ranked speed test app. Make sure that all the devices are turned off because you can only get accurate results if you have turned off other devices.

Try troubleshooting:

Once you run a speed test and you see if there is no problem with the internet speed. Now it is time to try and see what else can affect the speed of your internet. Place your modem and the Wi-Fi router in the middle of the house or at a place where you are most likely to use your internet services. Make sure that there are no devices around that might emit radioactive rays like a microwave oven because it will affect the signals of your internet Wi-Fi.  

Reboot your modem and router, once you restart your router you need to see the green light on your router. Once you reboot your modem, you will be able to see that your Wi-Fi will start working fine.

Call on your internet service provider’s customer service number

When you try everything and you still face a slow internet speed issue. Call on the customer service number and mention to the customer service rep that you are facing a slow internet speed issue. They will tell you if there is any outage issue from their end and inform you when it will get resolved. This will give you clarity about it.

Start Using VPN:

Sometimes when you feel like even after trying everything you are facing an issue there are chances that someone else might be using Wi-Fi services. Download a VPN or use a VPN online for your work because this will prevent any intrusion in your Wi-Fi. You can get a stable internet connection this way.

Buy a Wi-Fi extender:

You can buy a Wi-Fi extender to enhance the speed of your internet. The role of a Wi-Fi extender is to increase the speed of your internet, it also strengthens the signals of your internet. You can buy a Wi-Fi extender on Amazon and check the top-rated Wi-Fi extenders on google and buy that.

Disconnect the devices:

If other devices are connected to your internet and they are not required, you can turn them off. When you connect extra devices with your internet you may face internet speed lags. At times you don’t turn off your apps that consume more internet data. The apps that you use keep on running in your background and if it is not required then simply turn it off.

In Conclusion:

A smart internet user will know how to fix slow internet speed issues. Try and adopt the simple hacks that we have mentioned above and you will not face internet speed lags. Keep a check on the number of devices that are connected with your internet and make sure that your modem and the Wi-Fi router is placed in the right place. Choose an internet connection that provides high internet speed and good customer support.

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