The Good, The Benefits & The Myths About Kratom

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Kratom, a native Southeast Asian herb, attracts many fitness enthusiasts due to its rich nutrient profile. From pain relief to cognitive development, Kratom offers numerous health benefits. The scientific community is also studying the impacts of Kratom on human health, confirming its benefits.

Native people of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, etc., have been consuming Kratom for a long time. However, Kratom has entered the international market in the last few decades. It contains a biologically active molecule called mitragynine, having immense medicinal value. Just like the opioid drugs, mitragynine also alters the ability of specific nerves to receive pain.

Unlike CBD, Kratom is new in the international market. Thus, very little research is available on its effects on the body. Indeed, there is significant research stating its health benefits. Despite that, there are common beliefs about its impact on the body. This article will bust those myths about Kratom so that you can make an informed decision about consuming it.

Myths about Kratom

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Myth 1: Kratom is a synthetic drug:

Truth: Kratom is derived from the extracts of leaves.

Myth 2: You can simply consume Kratom and get desired health benefits.

Truth: You have to select the strain to get desired benefits specifically. The colors on veins on leaves decide the strain of Kratom. Generally, experts consider high-quality maeng da strain as the best of the best.

Why is Kratom Good for You?

We live a life where stress is inevitable. Whether you're a young adult trying to make it big or a senior citizen, everyone encounters stress at different life stages. Eventually, this stress starts dwelling on your energy. Ultimately, you start feeling fatigued. Though your daily diet may provide enough nutrition, it cannot energize you. So, people turn to supplements.

Now, when you go to the market, you can see a range of energy supplements. However, not all of them are derived from natural sources. Kratom is one of those very few all-natural supplements that are energetic. People consuming kratom state that it creates a positive around them. Moreover, researchers have confirmed that it also helps to deal with mind-related issues like anxiety and depression.

Kratom can not just relieve pain but also induce euphoria. You feel a sudden burst of energy, which can be the right motivation for a work-out session.

Health Benefits of Kratom 


  • Being a natural painkiller

We all are well aware of the side effects caused by painkillers. Yet, we often encounter instances where we have other options than taking pain killers. Kratom can be an all-natural replacement for such cases. You can use Kratom for joint pain, backache, and even pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

It is an analgesic in nature with strong pain killing effects on the body. The alkaloids from the leaves interact with opiate receptors of our nervous system. The results of these interactions are neuron stimulates the release of endorphins and enkephalins and dynorphins. These neurotransmitters manipulate the signals and reduce the pain.  

  • Managing diabetes

Diabetes is a complicated health issue, especially when you're a sweet-tooth. You have to be very careful about everything you eat. Irregularities in blood sugar can lead to some severe issues. At such times, consuming Kratom can be beneficial as it helps you to maintain your insulin level. By keeping the glucose level stable, Kratom protects you from the problems associated with diabetes.

Obesity is another issue a diabetes patient has to deal with. Constant sugar cravings make it challenging to maintain a healthy diet. Kratom comes to your help even in this situation. It reduces your cravings for sugary snacks and thus, becomes a powerful resource to deal with obesity.


  • Enhancing concentration

Cognitive skills like thinking, reasoning, and remembering are crucial to maintaining focus. They get affected when the brain does not receive proper nutrition. Though your diet must be nutritious, weakened metabolism can impair your focus. In such cases, using Kratom can enhance your cognitive abilities.

Cognitive enhancement is another mental benefit of taking Kratom. It improves the metabolism so that the brain receives proper nutrition. The alkaloids from kratom act on several brain receptors that help you improve focus while working.

  • Helping to recover from opioid addiction

Addiction is not a battle; it's a war. Relapses and withdrawn syndrome make the situation extremely unbearable for someone recovering from opioid addiction. People facing this problem need a powerful tool like Kratom to win over addition. Kratom induces opioid-like effects, as it binds to the same receptors and causes a similar biological response. However, taking Kratom does not lead to comedowns like other opioid drugs.

Moreover, Kratom interacts with opiate receptors yet does not induce dependency. Even its prolonged use does not increase your body's will to consume more. 

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Final Words

From diabetes to improving focus, taking Kratom can help you deal with the modern world's problems. Unlike many options out there, Kratom is a natural remedy derived from plant extracts. Thus, adding it to your daily routine can help you to improve your body and mind organically.

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