How to Transform Your Living Space With Laminate Flooring

on February 09 at 07:34 AM

There are many ways laminate flooring can enhance your living space. This kind of flooring is affordable, convenient and comes in many different varieties from many different manufacturers. Some of the biggest names in the flooring industry like Armstrong and Alloc offer this type of flooring. If you haven't taken the time to browse the amazing selection of laminate floors you should. You can find laminate that looks so much like real wood and real stone that no one will know the difference.

Laminate floors are made to retain their gleaming beauty year after year thanks to the super tough finishes they are coated with. Most are finished with an aluminum oxide coating to impart ultimate durability and protection. These home floors are meant to stand up to heavy foot traffic without scratching, denting, fading or staining. They are easy to keep clean and can be described as low maintenance. You never have to bother with wax, all that is required is basic sweeping and mopping with products made for laminate flooring.

The installation of laminate floors is so simple many homeowners can do it themselves. The majority of laminate flooring strips or planks are designed to interlock like puzzle pieces, requiring no messy glue or sharp nails. Because there is no gluing or finishing required, these floors can be utilized immediately after installation. Many of them are compatible with modern radiant heating systems and can be installed right over concrete. Laminate can be placed in most any room from the living room to the basement.

If you're tired of the way your flooring looks right now, or are building a new home, you should definitely take a look at everything laminate flooring has to offer. You can find floors that look like every variety of wood imaginable including oak, pine, cherry and birch to name a few. If you adore stone floors you'll be pleased to discover all kinds of gorgeous selections including faux marble and slate that look like the real thing but are even better because laminate doesn't crack, chip or age like stone floors do. No matter what your preferences or needs, the right laminate flooring can turn most any room of your home into a brand new space you'll love.

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