Is Addiction Harder To Overcome With Mental Illness

on January 27 at 12:03 PM

Having an addiction can mean your world is in constant upheaval {period} while some addicts can maintain a relatively normal quality of life, i.e., functional drinkers, something always falls by the wayside. For more hardcore addictions, such as those that are addicted to heroin, may find the process of recovery infinitely more challenging. Not only is there a worry of detoxing, but it could also mean a complete change in your life.

For many struggling with addiction, there is an underlying mental health problem. It could be caused by addiction, or it could be naturally occurring. For those that have dual mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, mixed with drug abuse, they will find it difficult to get clean and stay clean. Does this mean that it's impossible to get clean should you have a mental health problem? Absolutely not. 

It is possible to find sober living even with having a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health problem. The difference is that treatment will be different. You can expect to go to a regular recovery Center and expect tremendous results. They will only be treating the addiction, not the mental health disorder.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The first hurdle is the assessment. For dual diagnosis washington, the treatment center is going to have to identify exactly what mental health concerns are going on. For this to be effective, communication is going to be necessary. Communication, along with honesty, will go a long way towards a successful recovery. This is often why many treatment facilities urge those that would like to be admitted to be ready to quit. Those that are ready to make a commitment to their health and sober living are more apt to a successful recovery and keeping to a sober living.



Part of treating a mental health disorder is finding medications to help them. In many cases, simple therapy will not suffice. For disorders like depression, anxiety, or PTSD, these things can be better treated with medication. Medications prescribed for these ailments are often linked to drug abuse. Anti-anxiety medications have long been a source of drug abuse to many. This has not only made it difficult for patients that need them to get the medication but also more individuals addicted to doing it for recreational purposes. 

For that reason, the physician has to be careful when prescribing. It's a delicate balance between treating a mental health disorder alongside an addiction. However, there is hope for sober living and finding a way to recover.

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