Latest Trends in Animation Industry

on January 25 at 02:00 PM

The animation industry is undeniably one the fastest and flourishing industries in the world. There have been lots of developments and progressions in animation technology. With the rise of satellite channels and the Internet, the animation industry is also flourishing rapidly. A great number of animation courses have been presented in the market and animated video production companies are also at large in every city and town.


Earlier animation movies and shows were targeted at children and were prepared on a moderate budget. The use of recent and advanced technology was limited. The animation industry was not quite a profit-making business and job chances were also smaller and unwelcoming.


Though, in the last couple of years, the animation industry has made remarkable progress. Today animated movies are prepared with the newest technology and special effects. A whole team of animators looks after it and a big amount of money is spent on the making of the movies. These movies are not just restricted to children only but even mature viewers, youngsters, and family also enjoy such entertainment. The best instance for the latest animated movie is "Avatar", which is made on a very high budget and armed with the latest technologies and software of animation and multimedia.


The animation industry has derived a long way from outmoded 2 Dimensional images to 3 Dimensional. 3D video production animation software is one of the most progressive and newest trends in the animation industry. It is valued worldwide. All the newest animated movies are made with this technology only. The 3D version takes life to the animated characters and joins them straight with the audience. People of all ages enjoy the experience of the 3D version and this was also verified by the rare success of Avatar not just in the USA but foreign. These movies have also received huge gratitude from the masses and are still widespread among kids. The victory of animated movies has fortified the development of some new advanced animation software.


Today animation industry is not just limited to movies but animators could find work in other areas like TV soaps, newspapers, Publications, advertisement agencies, websites, video games firms, etc. The video game business uses 3D technology and it has one of the most prosperous markets worldwide and today game industry is thrice the size of the Hollywood Industry. So, people with a detailed knowledge of 3D animation technology can make a promising profession in this field. Animators working on a high-status animated movie project make a good sum of money. They need to work in a group with other animators.


Owing to the continuous developments and technologies in the animation industry, several courses have been introduced in animation. Some of the significant ones are stated below;


- Visual Principles and Syntactics

- Animation Scripting and System

- Photo Communication

- BA (Hons.) Design Ecologies

- Special Effects

- Computers for Animation

- Animation Engineering

- 3D Studio Max Complete

- Z- brush

- Combustion

- System Management


There is no disbelief the animation industry is thriving fast so is the career in this profession. You could choose a profession in Graphic Designing or computer designing through a company that provides video animation services so it can promise a positive and flourishing future.

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