How can we find the best Cancer Dr in Lahore? Which hospitals contain the best cancer dr in Lahore, Pakistan?

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The researchers published their work in the scientific Journal Journal of the Razia Sultana Memorial cancer & blood associate. According to the authors, they were able to explain the unusual behavior of the tumors. According to them, after cancer grows and feeds on its circulatory system. Oncologists suppress this process with antigenicity drugs. They have a positive effect for a while, but soon cancer stops responding to therapy. Scientists have wondered why this is happening? The study found that cancer Dr finds an adaptation mechanism.

It stops building its circulatory system and sticks to nearby tissues, using their bloodstream to grow its cells. As a result, the tumor progresses without responding to therapy—the study conducted on laboratory mice with liver cancer. Scientists gave them antigenicity, which had a short-lived effect, and then ceased to act.

Cancer Doctor in Lahore, do you believe in miracles?

- No, I estimate my chances realistically. Modern research can accurately predict the result of treatment for a particular patient and how long he can expect to live. There are deviations, but minor ones. Therefore, only non-professionals can talk about miracles in oncology. Having become a patient, I did not learn anything new about the disease. Everything goes as described in modern manuals—treating this disease specialist available best cancer Dr in Lahore.


How do cancer cells grow and spread?

Cancer began to feed on body tissues, and this made therapy useless. The scientists noted that cancer reverted to its old tactics as soon as treatment ended, growing its circulatory system. Thanks to this, therapy can again have a positive effect on some patients after a break.

The researchers believe that the discovery will improve cancer drugs and more effectively suppress the growth of tumors.


"We, oncologists, were not taught at all how to talk to a person who is afraid."

I don't know why we do not have breakthroughs in oncology, and I'm not ready to comment. However, our molecular scientists are influential. In the West, they are hired even without confirmation of their diploma. We probably just stayed at the same level, and the world has made great strides forward during this time, including in the methods of treating cancer.

Nevertheless, 95% of all co localization can be successfully treated today, and in Pakistan, there are appropriate clinics for this and excellent specialists and medicines. But for the patient, it is always a lottery. Will he get to the right specialist or not, does he know the modern standards of treatment, will he choose the right tactics, or will he indifferently say that can helped nothing? This patient's disbelief in the fact that they can and want to be enabled, aggravated by the very fear resulting from oncology diagnoses, pushes people to the most desperate steps. Unfortunately, I can understand them.


- Did your life plans change after the diagnosis treatment?

- Certainly. First, chemotherapy is a problematic treatment. For example, I had a complication that forced me to suspend work for a while. I focused on short-term tasks, the main of which are my family's financial stability (Andre has three children, the youngest is one year old - Ed.) And the implementation of the central business of my life. I started to develop an oncology department at the High Technology Clinic of St. Peters burg University. It is important to me that this project is not frozen.

Interpenetrate super oxide diastase:

Reactive oxygen species (ROS: Reactive Oxygen Species) are active molecules arising from ultraviolet radiation and the consequences of chemical reactions that occur in the environment or inside the body. The most common reactive oxygen species are ions, free radicals, and peroxides. They can cause many diseases in humans, such as DNA damage, cancer, and other tumors.

Therapeutic action Biologically active substances of the camphor fungus:


- Blocking the division of cancer cells;

- Prevention of tumor formation;

- Blocking the division of cancer cells in different ways;

- Antioxidant, free radical removal;

- Blocking the increase in the number of cancer cells;

- Blockade of the growth of the circulatory system of the tumor;

- Launch and activation of apoptosis - the destruction of cancer cells;

- Prevention of pathological changes in cells;

- Restoration of the liver, enhancement of liver function;

- Prevention of pathological changes in cells;

- Lowering blood pressure, preventing strokes;

- Strengthening the immune system;

- Slowing down aging, restoring the shine of the skin;

- Anti-inflammatory action;

- Anti allergenic action;

- Reduction of wrinkles, skin blemishes;

- Two-level adjustment of the immunity function;

- Helps regulate blood sugar levels;

- Regulation of blood pressure, lowering cholesterol. According to doctors in China who work with medicinal mushroom extracts, camphor mushroom has anti-tumor properties ten times more potent!

According to the experiment results in which the camphor fungus extract was used, P <0.01, the percentage of suppression = 36.8%. Compared to drugs that cause many side effects, camphor mushroom is an effective and safe natural medicine in the fight against cancer.

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