Website Performance Optimization

on January 13 at 08:33 PM

Website performance optimization refers to the rate at which pages are initially downloaded and subsequently displayed on the user's computer screen. This refers to how quickly a particular web page is rendered on a given computer system, as well as how quickly the whole website is updated. Web performance optimization, otherwise known as website optimization, is the field of technical knowledge about improving website performance. The common term for this is "UI optimization." While the term "UI" is technically incorrect because a website's" User Interface "is not text based, it more closely matches the term "user experience" because it is what the visitors to your site are thinking about while using the website.


In addition to having a website performance optimization expert to optimize your web site for your specific business, you will also want to have it optimized with search engine friendly content. Search engines will list and rank all websites according to their relevance to a particular keyword. A website performance optimization expert will be able to identify and present to you many ways to optimize your website without having to make drastic changes to your existing coding. For example, some important things that most experts consider important to have included in a website are a good list of keywords, fast web host, list of popular keywords in your industry and a fast web host.


In addition to speed and efficiency, another factor that website performance optimization experts pay close attention to are load times. When a user has to wait too long for a page to download or display all the information they requested, they will exit the site and move on to a competitor's. Therefore, it is important that your website contains high quality graphics, high resolution pictures and crisp audio, and that the page is properly linked from every other page on your website. If your load time is less than a couple of seconds, you will lose visitors, and if it takes longer than a few seconds to download the page, you may lose business.

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