Here’s How Video Production Services Goes a Long Way in Increasing Brand Awareness

on December 19 at 05:46 PM

YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine after Google. This means a video, well-shot and distributed can make customers and potential customers get an idea of your products or services within a very short time. An increasing number of companies are choosing video production services to create such type of video content. Over the years, video content has expressed the imagination of a lot of marketers since its rapidly turning out to be the most popular channel to develop brand awareness. The major reason why businesses are flocking to video production companies is that customers prefer visuals, and they are very memorable when compared to text. Here are some other reasons why you need to consider video content as a significant marketing channel to boost brand awareness and hire a highly adept video production company

Defines Your Brand 

The effectiveness of video marketing can be best explained through the fact that video content is something which makes customers feel that they are in your showroom, getting to know your brand. 

Even though reading about your product can go a long way in boosting customer awareness, nothing beats visually demonstrating your product to elucidate what your product does. You can create an impact in the customer's mind through demonstrating why they need you. Moreover, video content lets you narrate your story in a way that reminds customers that they're dealing with people, and not only a faceless company. 

Linking product information along with personality goes a long way in making your brand more memorable. Choosing a story which represents your company in a brilliant way to emotionally connect with your customers as well. Such product video contents and stories often go viral. 

Video can help small businesses, as well. They often struggle with brand awareness, particularly when they strive to become more conspicuous over the competition. Videos build brand awareness of small businesses in various ways. First, videos are more engrossing and attractive to customers than any form of content. Second, there are more chances that videos will be shared, that lets local businesses to reach more customers and build even stronger brand awareness. 

How Marketing Videos Create Financial Benefits

A reason why more and more businesses count on video production services is that what most people love to share through social media is informative videos. This gives customers the benefit of feeling like they've come across valuable information which they want to share with their friends. On an average, there are about 8 billion video views on Facebook, per day. It means that viewers are actually responding to videos. 

If you have posted your video on a video hosting platform, and have tagged properly, this gains the dual advantage of being indexed twice- In google search and also once more in YouTube's search engine. By including optimised descriptions, title, links back to the service pages and also products, customers who are interested can move on to the next step in the purchasing process. If you share the video on social media as well, it can increase the visibility of video, even more, that sends authoritative signals to search engines, the major driver of organic traffic to websites. A lot of social media platforms now added brand new features to the home pages, for users to post videos such as Periscope on twitter, Stories in Snapchat and more. Users tend to share videos that emotionally appeal to them, particularly if it's uniquely entertaining or funny. A video that appeals to their emotion won't immediately lead to sales, but it can in turn, lead to an increase in brand awareness and traffic to your website. 

Videos also not just build your brand externally, with your target market, but also internally as well, with your staff. Video content can boost the learning curve for your potential customers and trainees. Video testimonials go a long way in influencing the purchasing decisions of customers. 

In the long run, videos help customers know about your brand quickly since they can be produced in a way to answer common concerns put forward by customers, without the time limitation of standard broadcast commercials. If you have the right marketing strategy as well as compelling video content, your brand can pervade like wildfire. 

If you have trouble getting started, then don't worry. There are various top-notch companies that offer the video production services you require. Video production services are one of the best forms of services to market your products, which in turn increases the growth of your organisation. 

Why Video Content is the Ultimate Art-form

Videos are the pinnacle of every form of art. They can be used to showcase animation, graphics, texts, slideshow photography, music and any other form of art. Among all art-forms, it's videos which are most successful to emphasise an important message owing to its ability to hold the attention of the audience. 

When it comes to different forms of advertising, the billboards are effective for a short span as you pass them when you drive by the freeway. Whereas radio ads sound great for again, a short span till you switch the station to search for music. Whereas television commercials can last for a minute, which is sufficient time to show up in the kitchen and get something to eat and drink.

Over the years, companies made the most of TV commercials to build brand awareness. An extension of this is online video advertisements, and still a better way to build brand awareness. Though the eventual goal is to get repeat clients or customers, by building trust among target consumers. Producing video content by seeking the help of video production services, which gives customers with interesting and useful information is the best way to build trust and establish your business as an authority in the industry. If they find your video as entertaining or engrossing, their intent to buy a product will increase by 97% and in turn, brand awareness by 139%. 

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