How Many Learners Have Been Affected by Covid-19 Restrictions?

on December 12 at 12:41 PM

Remote learning is something that would only be used as an emergency measure in normal years; however, for 2020, it has become the norm for students to be taught using remote learning because of Covid-19. However, despite everyone’s best efforts, a huge number of learners have been negatively affected by the changes to the teaching systems – and as a parent or an educator, understanding how many children are affected and what can be done to reassure them is vital.



How Many Learners Have Been Affected?


Because of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the vast majority of countries have imposed new regulations limiting schools and education facilities from opening as normal. This sudden restriction has had serious impacts on many children and learners; however, it is possible to move past these difficult times with the right approach.


It is estimated that over one billion children from around the world found themselves learning from home at the very height of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, back in the Spring. At this time, parents, teachers, and learners alike were left largely unsure of what to do; thus, students’ normal education has been massively interrupted. Many learners are still feeling the effects of being so far knocked back.



How Remote Learning Disrupted Teaching


Remote learning is relatively new, and very few educators have used this teaching method for their students; indeed, it has primarily been implemented only in certain higher education facilities and courses because of the many challenges it poses. Unfortunately, this means that the world wasn’t ready for remote learning to be rolled out on such a massive basis, which has left many learners struggling to keep up.


There are a huge number of reasons why remote learning has proved to be disruptive for students. Not having one-to-one support has made it hard for many students to get the help they need; meanwhile, internet connectivity issues and the lack of specific knowledge at home have made it incredibly difficult for learners to keep on top of their learning milestones.


But is it all doom and gloom? As a specialist provider of teaching support materials, content, and games, we here at Legends of Learning believe it is possible to move past this difficult time! With the right support systems and teaching methods, teachers can help their students to engage with remote learning and catch up on missed work!

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