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How to make your college essay stand out

on December 11 at 01:21 PM


Every student aims to make their college assignment, paper, and essay stand apart from the rest of the class. However, to do that your college essay needs to have distinctive qualities that make it an impactful read and impresses the examiner. To do that you should not typically be focusing on generic things like formatting, structure, good grammar, or even having excellent referencing - you should be thinking out of the box with the aim of making it stand out. Mentioned below are some tips that might help you do that: 

  • Your First Paragraph Should Serve as An Anchor

What your introduction paragraph has to do is grab the attention of the reader. It has to be so engaging that the reader must be compelled to read more, especially if it is in sync with the prompt. There are multiple ways to start off a strong essay, but a very good tip would be to firstly start off with a quotation that is iconic so that the audience may find that relatability aspect and be inclined to further delve into the passage. 

  • Make Sure the Essay Has Personality

When you are writing your essay make sure it has a voice that dictates the content in the paper, rather than the other way around. It should have an individuality to it that makes the audience read your essay. Even if you ask the most accomplished and prestigious writer the question: “Can you write my college essay?” the one thing that separates your work and theirs is the unique creativity and individuality that you instill in your essay. 

  • Be Clear and Rational

When presenting your point in the essay, make sure that what you’re writing has a logic to it that matches the structure. For example, when you are presenting your thesis - is it cohesively projected in the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Is there enough evidence and references to support your thesis argument? Is the information accurately organized for it to make sense? Does the tone of the essay match the nature of your thesis? Does it provide sufficient background for it to be understood as context? For better results, ask a friend or two to read through the essay and ask them if it makes sense.

  • Be Unconventional in Your Approach

When approaching an essay try and look at the question from a different angle, one that challenges the essay prompt and makes your argument effectively standout. Basically, you need to tell a story in your essay, so thinking about it that way gives you a lot of liberty. You can choose how and when to reveal the information and how it has more impact. You can line up the facts and data for and against the prompt and then you could choose how to describe your thesis statement. 

In the end, remember to just stay relevant when you’re trying to make your essay stand out so that you don’t go off-topic - good luck!

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