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GREUBEL FORSEY dual gyroscope 30° ceramic craft

The Greubel Forsey double tourbillon 30° technique is the first fundamental creation of Glauber FORSEY, that was exhibited at the Baselworld 7 years ago. This proved the achievement of the independent studio. 7 years later, the dual tourbillon 30° technology received the first place on Concours. Worldwide timekeeping. Throughout the competition, the entire score of this timer arrived at 915 points (maximum one thousand points), and the average time speed was 0. three to 0. 8 secs per day.

Right now, Greubel Forsey has introduced hard double tourbillon 30° technologies, which is an extremely precise, sensitive and robust timepiece.

The 30°Double Tourbillon in the center of the timepiece plays a role in its extraordinary accuracy. Within the four-minute rotatable cage, an inferior cage equipped with a balance steering wheel and spring assembly is actually tilted at an angle of 30° relative to the first cage, and also the rotation is completed inside 60 seconds. Combining the 30° inclination with the different rates of speed of the two tourbillons may average out all typical watch positions (especially steady positions) due to the position mistakes caused by gravity, thereby enhancing the timing performance.

In the Double Tourbillon 30° double tourbillon technological innovation Perfect watches Replica , 4 coaxial barrels are linked to a spherical power reserve differential, which can provide 120 hrs of chronograph power reserve.

Inspired by the trend of transparency and light, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey pushed the boundaries associated with watch architecture to attract onlookers to the iconic Greubel Forsey (Greubel Forsey) ) Inside the timepiece. This restricted edition of 11 watches is made of ceramic for the first time. This is a highly rigid material and it is now on sale in the US marketplace.

The darkness of the impressive blue fine ceramic case contrasts with the avalanche of light in the sapphire amazingly movement. The clock has been re-designed to include these elements, requiring really special expertise and information. Now it reveals the actual fascinating sight of 2 complete suspensions of the double tourbillon 30° movement.

Transparency has always been an essential part of Greubel Forsey's function, and this is particularly evident in the building of the various versions from the Double Tourbillon 30°Technique-all showcasing a panoramic view in the movement architecture. This twin ceramic tourbillon 30° engineering breaks the boundaries regarding transparency by reconsidering the particular structure of the entire watch to adapt to the unique constraints of the sapphire ravenscroft.

The eye can tell every detail. The precious metal small seconds and reserve of power indicator are finished within blue, which contrasts dramatically with the matte main panel, reminiscent of sparkling blue ceramics.

The hours and minute hands as well as the 4-minute tourbillon rotation indication at 6 o'clock are immersive structures made of sky-blue, allowing light to enter almost all levels of the mechanism. The fingers are hollowed out to further improve light and transparency. Within the mysterious dance that appeared to hang in the air, Double Tourbillon 30° immediately attracted the interest of the audience. Best Replica Watches

After repairing the movement, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey fulfilled the challenge of accommodating typically the sapphire crystal element, particularly the mechanical processing as well as finishing in three sizes to achieve Grober ·The distinctive geometric shape of Fauci timepieces and strict standard blue crystal elements.

The watchmakers of the a couple of creators took the motion to the extreme of structures and created a three-dimensional sky-blue bridge, which proved to be especially challenging to achieve. It is prepared from a single piece of blue, and its side is refined with different crystal grains. It takes highly professional tools, outstanding precision and expertise. The actual beveled corners reveal the matte finish, which clashes sharply with the polished clear surface of the sapphire.

Due to this transparency, the whole wheels and pinions define the timepiece are exposed to uncover an unprecedented visual effect within the movement structure.

On the dial side, often the tourbillon bridge, barrel link, differential bridge and reserve of power bridge have been removed and also remade in sapphire to demonstrate the internal mechanism of the wrist watch. In order to incorporate these brand new elements, sports must be reconsidered. In this creative spirit, the actual restrictions imposed by anchoring screws are considered: the bridge will be specially installed to absorb the effect that sapphire may suffer. For that reason the plates, bridges along with mechanical structure are brand-new. fake Watch sale

On the side of the bottom include, the three-dimensional gear cycle bridge can clearly view the magnificent building below. This particular unusually large bridge features a multi-layer design with with gaps that allow the wheels in order to accurately overlap the sky-blue.

Due to this openness, the entire wheels and pinions that make up the timepiece experience reveal an unprecedented views on the movement structure.

On the dial part, the tourbillon bridge, clip or barrel bridge, differential bridge in addition to power reserve bridge have been eliminated and remade in blue to show the internal mechanism on the timepiece. In order to incorporate these types of new elements, sports should be reconsidered. In this creative nature, even the restrictions imposed through screws are considered: the connection is specially installed to soak up the impact that sapphire can experience. Therefore , the plates, connections and mechanical structure tend to be completely new.

Quietly of the bottom cover, the actual three-dimensional gear chain brdge can clearly see the spectacular building below. This abnormally large bridge has a multi-layer design with with holes which allow the wheels to precisely overlap the sapphire. The entire mechanism emits light, gratifying the beholder with a interesting sight. The lower tourbillon passage (also made of sapphire) correctly replicates the steel bridge that will originally used Double Tourbillon 30° technology, marking a significant achievement in sapphire workmanship.

This is the very first time Greubel Forsey has shown the particular movement inside a ceramic situation, which requires extremely finely-detailed. The material is compacted simply by pressing and shaped prior to firing. During the heat therapy, it shrinks by about 25%.

In the end, typically the diameter of the case is forty eight. 40 mm and the elevation is 17. 77 milimetre. Once the component is sintered at a very high temperature, often the ceramic will solidify, the housing extremely rigid and for that reason more difficult to use. The material gets very resistant to scratches as well as corrosion, which means that surface remedy requires excellent expertise.

From polishing to be able to linear or circular silk finishing, these finishings the actual contours of the timepiece much more perfect, thus perfecting this in the true Greubel Forsey spirit. The dark glowing blue ceramic brings subtle twinkle to the Double Tourbillon 30° technology, while its physical attributes make it extremely resistant. The particular blue ceramic case and also sapphire movement exude numerous colors, surface treatments along with textures.

It really is equipped with a blue rubberized strap with a titanium foldable clasp and is decorated having a hand-engraved Graubel Fauci logo design. The crown-also ceramic-bears the actual Greubel Forsey replica Watches logo engraved inside tone.

Specialized details

Product: Double Tourbillon 30° Method Ceramic


Hand-wound movement along with synthetic sapphire bridges

Patented tourbillon

Dual Tourbillon 30° • several hours and minutes • little seconds • outer tourbillon 4-minutes rotation • internal tourbillon 60-seconds • power-reserve

Movement measurements

• Diameter: 37. 40 mm

• Thickness: 12. 15 millimeter

Number of components

• Movement: 421 parts

• 2 tourbillon cages: 132 elements

• Weight with the two cages: 1 . seventeen g

Amount of jewels

• 43

• Olived-domed gems in gold chatons

Chronometric power reserve

• 120 hours


• Four coaxial series-coupled fast-rotating barrels (1 turn in a few. 2 hours), one of that is equipped with a slipping springtime to avoid excess tension

• 22k gold protect with nickel-palladium treatment in addition to relief engraving

Balance wheel

• Variable-inertia with white gold mean-time screws (10. 70 milimeter diameter)

Rate of recurrence

• 21’600 vibrations/hour

Balance early spring

• Phillips fatal curve

• Geneva-style stud

Primary plates

• Dime silver, frosted with finished beveling and countersinks, straight-grained flanks, nickel-palladium treatment


• Synthetic sapphire crystal, slick flanks

• Pennie silver, frosted and noticed with polished bevelling as well as countersinks, straight-grained flanks, nickel-palladium treatment

• Precious metal plate engraved with the person number

Internal tourbillon

• Likely at a 30° angle, one rotation per minute

Outer tourbillon

• 1 rotation in four minutes

• Hand-bevelled and open-worked cage support beams

• Gold counterweight


• Involute circle user profile

• Conical gearing with profiled teeth


Hrs and minutes

Little seconds

120-hours reserve of power on a sector

4-minutes outer tourbillon rotation

60-seconds inner tourbillon rotator



Diameter: forty-eight. 40 mm

Elevation: 17. 77 mm

Caseback, bezel and caseband machined from a block involving ceramic, polished and directly grained, hand-finished

3d, variable geometry-shaped lugs

Engraving “Double Tourbillon 30°” and “Greubel Forsey”

Engraved individual number

Water-resistant 3 atm -- 30 m - one hundred ft (standard NIHS 92-20/SN ISO 22810: 2010)

Crown: Ceramic with etched GF logo


Multi-level artificial sapphire hour-ring, galvanic development hour indexes, engraved and also lacquered inner tourbillon revolving indicator

Small mere seconds and power-reserve indicators throughout gold, blue finish


Several hours and minutes in lustrous gold, with Super-LumiNova

Small seconds, power-reserve (red triangles)

Engraved man made sapphire 4-minutes indicator

Strap and hold


Ti folding clasp, engraved using the GF logo

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