Guide to Downtown Boise Shopping

on December 05 at 01:40 PM
It's easy to go to a bustling town and get lost in the wonders and amazement that it offers you. Downtown Boise is a business district in Boise, Idaho, which is located on the north of Boise River. Being the largest city center of Idaho, it's bound to have some exciting places to visit, delicious foods to try, breath-taking sights to see. Still, something explicitly promotes the Downtown district to stand out, and that's Downtown Boise Shopping. If you have or are planning to visit Downtown, especially for shopping, we have prepared a guideline for you to maximize your experience by going to the right stores and coming back satisfied.


When it comes to gifts, Downtown Boise is a home for the most thoughtful and creative gifts to exist. Be it shopping gifts as souvenirs, uniquely-made local jewelry, cards, or a fantastic blend of pop culture, nostalgia, and the state's traditional art. When you visit there, make sure you check these shops.
Re-POP Gifts
Mixed Greens Modern Gifts

Boutique & Jewelry

Downtown district holds some of the best boutiques in Boise. With the online businesses blooming and the marketplace being so saturated, Downtown Boise’s boutiques and jewelry still offer the most delicate designer pieces that catch your eyes on the brink of the moment. With some stores offering world imports like these,
  • Diamond Girls
  • Eye of the World Imports
  • Hal Davis Jewelers
It’s not surprise why people are more inclined to Downtown Boise.


Downtown Boise clothing stores have successfully made their way into the international market. In recent years, they have continued to put their maximum efforts into their locally designed athleisure wear, which has gotten a lot of public attention. With most of the companies being hugely invested in the local market, the population has become fonder of that, which is very inviting for the tourists and enthusiasts. These local stores have worked very hard to the point that they are in complete confidence, offering you the most curated clothing selection for everyday wear. You might want to check out some of the following next time you visit Downtown Boise.
  • Voxn Clothing
  • BANANA ink
  • Shift Boutique
  • Salt by Pepper

Sporting Gears

Downtown Boise is well-known for its hiking trails. It’s no wonder why sporting gears are always at hype in Downtown Boise. Almost every weekend, the hikers and trekkers embark on an adventurous journey as it serves as a great hobby and gives you freedom from your hectic work life. But hobbies require legitimate gears and apparels. Several big stores offer amazing hiking, cycling, and trekking gears for the safety and protection of people. Here are some we highly recommend:
  • City Center Bronco Shop
  • McU Sports
  • Title Nine


Thoughts All in all, if you’re a shopping fanatic and desire to have the best with a limited budget, take a few hours ride out in the central district of Downtown Boise. We assure you, every single second of your journey is going to be worth it.

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