Why Is Local SEO So Important for Organic Visibility of Your Dispensary?

on December 01 at 10:06 AM

By 2017, the United States already had an estimated 20,000 to 28,000 active cannabis businesses. A lot has changed since then as more states adopt new laws legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. Other states have even started initiatives that hope to grow and promote the local cannabis industry, which is a good thing, especially for the startup dispensaries.

However, as with everything that gets online these days, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for your dispensary’s success. Often, you find the marijuana business being swindled by SEO “professionals.”

Sure, every company, local or international, must use SEO to improve its organic visibility and online standings. There’s really no other option being the higher up in search engine rankings, the more clicks you receive. Thus, more business for your dispensary. That’s how much ranking top on Google is worth. Online users usually ignore anything beyond the first screen of search engines.

So, how can SEO help drive more organic visibility to your dispensary? Keep reading and find out.

Importance of Local SEO Optimization for Your Dispensary


Almost all consumers already expect you to invest in local SEO for your cannabis brands, especially dispensaries. And if your competition is already doing local SEO optimization and you aren’t, your target customers will likely buy products from them.

Since the legalization of cannabis is still in its infancy, dispensaries must understand the impact of using SEO on their customers. This retail business is still pretty new to most customers. Therefore, it’s likely that your customers might feel anxious or nervous about visiting your local dispensary. On the other hand, they might be tourists relying on SERPs to help them find the best local dispensary.

Thus, you must anticipate and provide only relevant information that potential customers want to see in your SEO strategy. It’s more about how you showcase your dispensary using local SEO to boost organic visibility.


1.) Organic Google Search Is Still the Most Effective Way to Learn About Local Cannabis Dispensaries.

Several link building experts suggest that organic search plays a critical role in local dispensary website success. It’s an important part of your customer’s journey, and Google owns the lion’s share of the search market.

That’s not to say that other search engines cannot help your dispensary’s visibility. But since Google owns a much larger portion of the search market than its competitors, its guidelines are vital to follow. Most people visit Google at least once every day for relevant information. Therefore, striving to make your local dispensary website rank high on Google is the surest way of making it a visible, trusted source. And great SEO and a high-quality website get you there.


2.) Local SEO Gets Customers Through the Door.

As local SEO continues to optimize your digital properties, customers now have better and more efficient ways to find your dispensary online. The ever-increasing domination of mobile traffic has helped boost local searches and plays a fundamental aspect in boosting your dispensary visibility and marketability.


Therefore, optimizing your website for local search should help you focus more on specific cities and areas. This is one of the best ways to establish a workable medium that gets your cannabis dispensary more attention and a step closer to a transaction at the local level.


Starting a localized SEO campaign also helps you rank high for searches like “pot shop near me” or “dispensary near me.” Basically, you will be the dispensary local customers see whenever they do searches relating to your business online.


Fortunately, you can now find several professional marketers who can help optimize your dispensary website using content that’s focused on local SEO and search. Remember, to rank high in local searches; you must optimize your citations and backlinks, relevant local listings as well as review platforms like Google.

3.) Local SEO Brings in Your Targeted Audience, Helping Conversions.

If a potential customer searches for a local dispensary and local results come up first, that means they are probably searching for something specific. This makes them a targeted audience, meaning they are more likely to convert. This is something all local businesses aim to achieve using local SEO.

If implemented properly, you can have more local searchers who are serious about transacting with your business. This is what you get using organic results and local SEO. Think about your search habits, for instance. If you search for something like “plumbing services,” it’s probably because you need the service, not just for the fun of it. The same should apply when someone types in “local dispensary near me.”


4.) Less Competition Improves Rankings.

Local SEO usually has less competition since you are only competing with other dispensaries trying to optimize for the same local search queries. As a result, your pool of competitors will be much smaller compared to online businesses fighting for the number one spot for specific terms using organic rankings.

Local SEO is also less expensive, and things move a lot faster, making it the preferred option for local dispensaries.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the importance of local SEO is the first step toward boosting your dispensary’s organic visibility and traffic. But the kicker is putting the concept into action. And the pointers mentioned above are the best ways to do it.

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