Online Conference Calls For Lead Generation

on November 21 at 08:29 PM

In ongoing efforts to generate corporate leads, many businesses are their lead generation efforts online, using e-mail campaigns and online incentives to generate qualified leads. The issue is, though, that, as more and more companies use online audio and video options to attract customers, it will take more to truly ensnare peoples attention.


Taking this into consideration, an increasing quantity of marketers are turning to the online conference call to generate leads. The concept is similar to that of the traditional marketing conference call, with business leaders providing data to callers and pitching their products, services or opportunities to these same prospects. They are able to truly differentiate themselves by utilizing web capabilities to improve the telecommunication experience.


How Do Online Conference Requires Lead Generation Work?

In its most basic sense, an online conference call is a modification of the traditional conference call, only participants can view the info supplied online. You may set up a unique password protected area in your website that callers can access, then keep these things call so you can supplement the written data with a verbal presentation. This method, while cheap, can also be limited in its scope of possibilities.


Online conferencing software, in comparison, provides more marketing options for the teleconferencer. It comes complete with audio capabilities, so callers can hear the audio percentage of the presentation without calling themselves. Video capability can also be included in most programs, so you can supply a video presentation to supplement this audio portion. And some provide the choice of a messaging system so that prospects can communicate freely, both among themselves and with you. Furthermore, you can answer any questions they have for you.


Obviously to get this done successfully you'll need the appropriate audio or video equipment. A good microphone is required to transmit the online audio portion, and for the capturing of video images--you'll need some form of web cam or video camera. It is also very important to attain conferencing software that features all needed components for the planned project.


The next phase, obviously, is to plan your presentation and set up your conference call registration with the usage of a car responder. Requiring an current email address from those that register will also give you an opportunity to follow up together later.


Obviously, establishing the technical facets of your conference call is just half the challenge. Next you need to promote your call by posting on message boards, sending the info via e-mail to your mailing list, and spreading the word to bloggers who write about related topics. Promoting offline can also be handy, as you can invite people online to learn more about your conference call, and to register.


Online conference calls are simple to setup and is definitely an ideal method to generate business leads. Moreover, these calls permit prospects to interact with you in a novel, state-of-the-art manner; a way that has been once only possible at a live event. So if you're buying a fresh, new way to get leads, consider online conferencing.


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