Canada will take 1.2 million new immigrants in three years

on November 01 at 09:09 PM

Canada plans to repatriate more than 1.2 million new immigrants over the next three years. On Friday, the country's Immigration Minister said the plan is to fill the labor market deficit affected by the coronavirus epidemic and boost the economy. Speaking to reporters in the capital Ottawa, Canada's immigration minister said the government's goal is to receive 4.1 million new permanent residents by 2021, 4.11 in 2022 and 4.21 million more in 2023. Immigration Minister said Canada needed more workers and the only way to meet that was through immigration. He said the ambition to move the economy forward through immigration before the epidemic was now important in general.

It is expected that after 1911, a record number of immigrants will be set in the next three years. In a notice issued detailing the plan, Ottawa said it would welcome 232,582 new people to join the economy in 2021, as well as 13,500 family members currently living in Canada. Refugees and other protected people will be taken 59 thousand 500 people. In addition, another five thousand 500 people will be taken for humanitarian reasons.

The immigration system has long been seen as a model in Canada. Historically the country has accepted skilled workers as well as refugees and interested members of the families of people already in that country. Canada closed its borders to most immigrants in March of this year due to the epidemic.



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