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Tree Care & You, How To Keep Your Landscapes Lush

on October 17 at 02:25 PM

How Do You Define Tree Care?

There are several arboricultural methods that include trimming of leaves and branches, pruning and even felling of trees. These make up for the basic procedures of tree care. When you are looking to maintain your foliage and prevent your backyard from becoming a forest, tree care techniques are going to prove to be very useful. You can find several tree surgeon Edinburgh and numerous landscape architecture artists that are skilled in the science of urban forestry and maintaining your foliage along with keeping the entire shrubbery surrounding your property healthy and lush green. They come with sufficient protective gears and understand the differences between various kinds of trees and plants and how each one of them should be cared for.

 If your house is located close to a commercial / manufacturing facility, your trees and shrubbery will be especially prone to several kinds of pollutants and resultant biotic stress. Exhaust fumes, road debris, soil compaction and even excessive exposure to contaminated water might cause your trees to become diseased and infected. This further necessitates that you associate with a reputable Edinburgh tree surgeon / arborist right away.


Pruning Of Your Trees

How And When To Do It

Pruning is a very clever and practical way to maintain the growth and health of your trees. An arborist is skilled and trained in related practical knowledge that helps him determine the right procedures for tree pruning depending upon the species that you have planted on your property. They can perform necessary surgery on your trees and several parts of them to minimize risk of damage caused by any infection, infestation and even fungal spread.


But Why Should You Prune Your Trees At All?

According to the leading tree surgeon services in Edinburgh, pruning of trees is important for many reasons such as:


  • It ensures that ample sun light can penetrate deep inside the dense leaves of the trees and reach every single branch
  • It will also improve the flow of air and this further prevents any fungal infection from spreading across the tree
  • Larger trees are more prone to falling due to storms and heavy winds which can be prevented
  • Pruning also ensures that all the aging and flailing branches are removed so that they do not fall down and cause any damage to the structures underneath the tree
  • Regular pruning also encourages fruiting and a healthy cycle of old leaves falling and new leaves growing out


By minimizing many of these problems you can ensure that your trees live a long and healthy life. Moreover, you can also maintain a proper shape of your trees that will be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


When Should You Prune Your Trees?

The expert arborists and tree surgeons in Edinburgh suggest that you prune your trees in the late winter. At this point of time, most trees are primarily dormant. They are going to produce the least amount of sap and this means that when you remove their limbs there will be little to no mess created on your property. For more details on how you can reduce damage and any chances of infection while you are pruning your trees, get in touch with your nearest arborist / tree surgeon in Edinburgh.



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