Embroidered Police Patches and Law Enforcement Patches

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Embroidered police patches and Law Enforcement patches command respect; officers who wear them consistently put themselves in harm’s way every day for the benefit of the public and therefore, they deserve our thanks and praise. Hence, the importance of giving great care and attention to the design, creation and production of custom police patches and custom law enforcement patches can never be overemphasized. We understand this and that’s why we are committed at Houston Embroidery Service (Houston, Texas) to give you the best designs and production for your embroidered police patches and custom law enforcement patches. PLEASE SEND YOUR LOGO FOR A PRICE QUOTE.

Embroidered Police Patches are The First ID Seen By the Public

We create embroidered police patches for all police departments. We make sure we get all the details right, from the shield, department name, nation seal, state image, etc. And what’s more, our embroidered police patches are produced by a flawless mix of fabrics and shades handpicked to perfectly suit the design. We understand the fact that Uniforms and police officers are synonymous, the fine details that make up an officer’s uniform say a lot about the officer. Starting from the police badge patch, the reflective police patch to all the embroidered police patches are important as these are one of the first things seen by the public.

Show Your Care and Appreciation

We are aware that police officers undergo rigorous inspection to ensure that their uniforms are presentable, so they can wear it proudly without settling for less. Therefore, we are here to give you the best quality embroidered police patches, police badge patch and reflective police patch specially made for you. We can also duplicate an existing police badge patch or reflective police patch to make them look better with finer details. If you are not a police officer but wish to show your support for this honorable men and women, we can also design custom police patches for you to show how much you care and appreciate their bravery and sacrifices.

Design and Production of Custom Police Patches

Custom police patches and custom law enforcement patches are made using computerized embroidery machines using embroidery thread on any piece of cloth. This procedure requires the police badge patch designed first using a computer program which creates a digital embroidery file. The file is sent to the embroidery machine using a USB or data cable after which the machine reads the file and makes the patch on the fabric.

FR Patches with Madeira FR Thread

There are many types of threads in the market but Madeira embroidery thread is the most popular, the finest, and the most expensive thread on this earth. However, for the sake of cost and affordability of the patches by our clients, we only make use of it upon request especially, for fire resistant embroidered patches.  So, we use Chinese thread which is also a good thread in making the custom police patches as well as the other custom law enforcement patches. However, if you want us to use Madeira embroidery thread, you can place a request for that. Click here to see more about Madeira.

Japanese Machines means Quality

Knowing that police and law enforcement patches should be flawless, we try to give you the best quality of custom police patches and custom law enforcement patches by using the best computerized embroidery machines. There are many brands of embroidery machines in the market but we use the Barudan embroidery machine. It is a Japanese brand known for its high quality embroidery and also stands as the most popular in the market. Many of our competitors use Chinese brands that provide low quality embroidery but we make use of this brand to make sure we give our customers the best. Visit this page to learn more about Barudan embroidery machine.

Police Patches with Merrow Border

In the effort to serve you with the highest quality of custom police patches, we also offer the option for merrowed borders. This is a wonderful option for custom police patches that are shaped in circles, triangles, rectangles or square as it will give the patch a finished and polished look. This border is about 1/8″ wide that overlocks the patch edge, it also prevents unwanted frayed edges. Merrowed border will give your custom polices patches durability.

Backing and Attachment Options

Since most police uniforms are made out of non-cotton material which is more delicate than cotton, we do not use iron backing for these kinds of materials since the heat when applying it could damage the attire. We use the sew-on backing method which involves the use of sewing machine to permanently sew the patch on to the cloth, adhesive backing or Velcro backing since these are the best backing options for polyester, nylon and spandex. These backings will adhere to your uniform perfectly. However, the choice of the backing option is left for you to choose while ordering for the embroidered patches.

Why Police Patches are So Important to the Uniform

Most people inherently understand the various reasons why police officers wear uniforms. Uniforms set officers apart and make them more noticeable, which can both deter would-be criminals and let people in need of help know where to turn. The name patches help identifies an officer name. They also give the officers themselves a sense of comradely and togetherness, engenders respect, and makes officers seem professional. The Military patches do the job on the military uniforms.

Cost and Pricing

In the effort to be fair to our customers and also make the patches affordable for everyone, we use the “pay as you go” pricing calculator which involves calculations using the stitch-count based pricing method unlike our competitors who have their prices based on higher stitch count which becomes unfair or extremely high for you. Please note that the number of stitches can vary from logo to logo; for example, a 3” round logo with 100% covered with stitches may have 15,000 to 25,000 stitches. Order custom patches, now!

The Law Enforcement Patches You Need from a Company You Can Trust

Houston Embroidery is a registered LLC in the state of Texas. We receive payments via our domestic bank accounts as well as traditional bank checks or modern eChecks. As a US based company, we receive bank checks and this also offers you a way to confirm our origin since only US companies accept bank checks. Also, we can accept payments from credit cards especially the American Express – which is a local credit card only acceptable in the US. Since doing business with a TRUE American company means supporting the local company, have us do your patches.

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