Is the pay-per-click marketing for you?

on October 17 at 12:12 PM

In short, yes. You may have never heard the term before, but there is a very high possibility that as the everyday internet user, you have experience and use it.


PPC marketing is a way to generate traffic from search Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth engine results page (SERP) to your web site through paid advertising.


Here is an example of PPC ads on Google Search results:



For the search term "running shoes," I have four sponsored search ads at the top of the results page and a grid of nine shopping ads to the right.


So how does the job pay per click marketing?

Every time someone clicks on the ad, and will be sent to your website or landing page you pay search engines a fee (this fee is usually quite small). A campaign has been set up correctly, continue to be evaluated and optimized should give you a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). For example, if your product sells for $ 300 and the cost of your clicks is $ 5 for the conversion gain, then PPC is a positive step and profitable for your business, and a powerful solution for all involved.


Hunter - Google has developed a very good method of delivering highly relevant ads to match the search query is typed. Digital talking, search ads clicked times more than other forms of advertising. As long as people seeing relevant ads to them and they run a search, show the data they more easily accept being advertised to.


Advertisers - Through understanding user intent, advertisers can submit ads that are highly relevant to the search query targeting consumers use when searching for products and services. They were given a set of tools to create ads, manage campaigns and optimize them for various different focus. These include, but are not limited to, location, time of day and the device used.

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Search engine - Search engines want to deliver relevant results to their users and, through advertising, they can give this a plus generate revenue from user clicks.


The obvious way to make PPC work for your business is to continue Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth to monitor the user intent. Through understanding their search query typing and the results they expect, you can expand your campaign into high-performing sales / lead generation tool.

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