How to create an email marketing campaign to win

on October 17 at 11:57 AM

Email marketing campaigns are an important part of your digital marketing strategy. However, with click-through and open rates dropped over the years, it's important to start focusing on what you need Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle to do to help improve your email marketing game.


What subject?

The subject line is one of the most important aspects of your email; it is a key feature that can make or break your campaign. Your email subject line must grab the attention of the recipient and make them want to read it. It should be succinct and concise, basically works in the same way to work in an article title.


The next most important part is the pre-header text (a summary of which follows the subject line). Giving a brief teaser interesting about the content in email (try to keep it between 40-50 characters).


Stay mobile

There is enough evidence and statistics out there that show that mobile phones have taken over the use of the internet in front of the desktop. It is the same for e-mail. Here are some points that will help you with your email campaigns:



Make sure your email is formatted to fit mobile devices


Do not put out the greatness or the image of a place


Do not give too much text with spaces or break is not enough


If using a layout that has multiple columns make sure they are mobile responsive


Use the buttons instead of links. They are much easier to click


Consider the 'buy now' button if you have an e-commerce site / campaign.

 Be on the basis of first-name

Personalize your emails using  tags. Statistics show that this simple act will increase your open rate.

 Does not have a generic name or impersonal 'from'. Consider who your audience wants to hear from. This will help increase yield as well.

 No other email ...

Ok, let's deal with the facts of your email being sent to what is quite often are more emails wave through the day that you receive. You basically have one chance to get your message to your recipient, so make sure you provide useful information, unique and respectful. Of course there are aspects to consider selling, features and benefits and perhaps the odd sense of urgency that can be added, but do not expect a strong result with each campaign if the sales message is all you focus on.

 Always consider your audience and what they want, then make an Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle interesting campaign directly to them. Provide information that helps your email reader; condition them to expect email to be of value and to provide interest.

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