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This Car AC Repair Guide Solves All Your Cooling Issues 

on October 14 at 06:47 AM


Imagine you’re on the road having an incredible drive and suddenly, your car AC fails you. This can ruin the best of days in an instant. Especially in a region such as Dubai, the car AC is probably the last component of your vehicle that you’d want to give up on you.  

However, the situation may not always be so dire. Sometimes, it could be a simple fix such as cleaning a clogged filter or recharging your AC. Whereas, other times, you may have to fix the radiator or compressor. Either way, getting a proper car AC repair is the way to go, if you want to enjoy the road again. [Note - The following tips are powered by the trusted car towing service provider of the UAE] 


What can go wrong with a car air conditioner?  

Your car’s aircon consists of various components. If even one of them starts acting up, it can affect the performance of the entire system. Some issues are a lot more common than others, and they include the following:  

  • A bad compressor 
  • Having a broken condenser 
  • A leaking refrigerant 
  • Faulty cooling fans 
  • Having a clogged AC filter 

This is why it’s crucial to get your AC system examined before taking it for a car AC repair. The tests will identify what problems persist within the console, to get them fixed as part of a car AC repair service. 


How do you know if your car AC is broken? 

Although a faulty car AC performance is one of the easiest things to pick up on, some other symptoms signal the requirement for a car AC repair.


A change in the cooling performance 

While this may be the obvious symptom, it’s imperative to be aware of it. You probably know your car better than anybody else. If you become aware of decreased cooling, no matter what setting you’re on, you should get it checked.  


Bad smell coming from your AC 

While this raises different implications from the other problems on this list, it’s an issue nonetheless. If you’re met with an unpleasant odour every time you turn on your AC, it could mean that there’s mould within the unit. This could raise health concerns if not dealt with properly.  


Hearing noises once the AC gets turned on 

Your car AC can function because of the presence of the compressor. The compressor works in cycles where it’s able to compress hot air and turn it into cool air. This process will eventually wear out the compressor, which results in grinding sounds. This is a sign that you should get the compressor checked, before getting any car AC repairs done.  


Observing frequent water stains 

Under normal circumstances, any water drainage is done from the bottom of the car after extensive periods of car AC usage. However, if you happen to observe water stains inside your vehicle, then it’s definitely an issue. When the drain is clogged, all the water from the Ac backs up and starts appearing under the dashboard, near the front foot mats. 


Observing an oil leak 

These two seemingly unrelated units are, in fact, related after all. If elements like the AC condenser, the AC evaporator, or the AC compressor get affected, it’ll result in a refrigerant or compressor oil leak. Any type of leak will reduce the car AC system’s cooling ability and will have to be inspected.  

Picking the right garage and mechanic is crucial here as they can inspect for signs of any signs of damage. They’ll detect what’s causing the problem and have it fixed, so you can drive again with optimal cooling performances.  


Consider our car AC repair service 

Since it’s essential to have a good mechanic handle your car AC repair, you should make a guided choice. At ServiceMyCar, we have the best car service advisors that specialise in car AC repairs. They’ll offer the best, and most appropriate, suggestions for your requirements.  

You’ll also get a quote before any work is done, and all work will only be conducted after getting your approval. Choose ServiceMyCar to get the most comprehensive car AC repair Dubai has to offer.  


What’s the best car AC repair near me? 

Having read all this, are you left wondering ‘what’s the best car AC repair near me?’ Our complimentary pickup and delivery service is included in all our service and repair work, meaning we’re always near you in Dubai.  

Book your next car AC repair in three easy steps on our app, or our website. Get personalised service from our dedicated car service advisor, who’ll provide the best recommendations. Your car will be taken care at one of our approved garages across the UAE.  

For the best car AC repair at the most competitive rates, make a booking on our website, or the ServiceMyCar app. 

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