What if solar energy for self-consumption was not an option?

on October 13 at 02:35 AM
What if solar energy for self-consumption was not an option? Wait for me to explain, I do not mean that there is no possibility of installing solar energy for self-consumption in your home or business. I speak of the opposite, that there was only that possibility, that there was no more option.

Can solar energy for self-consumption be mandatory?

Why not? Hasn't the installation of solar thermal energy for DHW production been mandatory in Spain for years? Does not the new DB-HE of the CTE implicitly oblige to place self-consumption systems to meet the specifications of demand for non-renewable primary energy?

So solar energy for self-consumption can become mandatory in new construction. And in existing buildings? Could it become mandatory to carry out self-consumption installations in buildings already built and in use?

It is not ruled out that it may be forced to add solar energy installations for self-consumption in existing buildings, although it is unlikely. As for television, they have been forced to reform the antennas, why not urge to put photovoltaic?

And if it were forced, would it be for all buildings? What if your roof doesn't have space? Many questions would have to be answered.


Can there be alternatives to solar energy?


Are there other clean electricity generation technologies that can be used for self-consumption in buildings? If the answer is yes, there should be no problem in using them instead of solar energy for self-consumption.

It is the same as with solar thermal energy, is it allowed to use alternatives to solar collectors? Obviously yes, that is why aerothermal facilities for ACS are so booming. By the way, do you know that aerothermal combines very well with photovoltaics?

One thing is clear to me, would an alternative solution to solar energy for self-consumption that pollute more make sense? I would say no, as the CTE is written, it always requires that the alternatives achieve less CO2 emissions and less consumption of non-renewable primary energy.

If this is true, what renewable energy can be used instead of solar? Well, to start with, the first thing you will think about will be a windmill, but it could also be micro hydraulic or other options.

What would it mean if there was solar energy in all buildings?

Would you like to produce your energy? That would be achieved by having solar panels on your roof.

Do you want to pay fewer tolls for electricity? This could happen with solar energy on all roofs because they reduce losses and the use of large infrastructures and thus their maintenance.

Does taking power away from big companies sound good? As the generation is in many hands, the percentage of electricity generation controlled by the large energy companies is reduced. This will diminish their power to pressure and enforce their wishes and claims towards the government.

Do you want there to be a job in your city? Solar energy(in texas) for self-consumption is a still-growing employment niche. If all roofs are required to install solar panels, many workers from the environment will be required to install the panels and connect the self-consumption facilities.

Are you interested in having our atmosphere cleaner? Distributed generation through solar panels significantly reduces gas emissions into the atmosphere. This will reduce pollution and improve our habitat.

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