Promotional Color Ribbons for Campaigns

on October 06 at 04:20 AM
If you plan to start an awareness campaign to raise money for charity, you must understand the foundation of any awareness campaign -- a promotional cause ribbon. We understand that these projects are of milestone importance to all promotional awareness marketing. We work with you to put your charity, cause or organization at the heart of your campaign.
The charity ribbon is an iconic, recognizable fabric cycle used in campaigns. The traditional shape is a ring at the top with two "legs" on each side. The point of the awareness ribbon is that you can wear it around town, you can display it on your car, you can wear it at work, or you can wear it in a visible place to start a conversation about your career.
Some causes have pre-assigned colors, while local campaigns often select their own designs and colors. The amount of causes and affiliated colors is quite exhaustive. Read our color ribbons guide and conduct online research before settling on a color for your campaign. If you are raising money or awareness for the plight of a person in your community, try to choose the color associated with their illness, condition, or situation.
One of the first uses of color ribbons popular with the public was during the Iranian Hostage Crisis — those raising awareness for the hostages and the American embassy personnel tied yellow ribbons around trees. In the '80s and '90s, cause ribbons became universal symbols over the world, with colors becoming famous for association with certain causes.
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office now considers color cause ribbons a "universal symbol" and does not allow organizations to trademark color ribbons unless they are modified in a important manner.
Many reasons have been associated with specific colors. Be sure to follow these guidelines when ordering charity ribbons and choosing other promotional products for your campaign. Search for general information on the websites of charities or organizations you are raising money for, so be careful to follow their branding and image guidelines.
In addition to reason ribbons, consider ordering a variety of awareness campaigns to reach the widest possible audience. Thanks to our extensive range of promotions and the flexibility we provide, it is easy to design your campaign ideas in the final design of your products.
For example, we have dozens of breast cancer awareness materials. Choose between ribbon car magnets, custom wrist bands, promotional backpacks, mugs, notepads, pressure balls, and writing supplies. Awareness campaigns can be customized in a variety of colors and pasted on your logo or slogan.

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