Walk around Alexandria Park - "Trail over Rossyu"

on September 25 at 12:53 PM

Ukrainian trail races can be divided into mountain trails, which mainly take place in the Carpathians, and urban trails, which take place in the vicinity of various Ukrainian cities and towns. In most cases, the main distances of mountain trails are ultra-distances, then among urban trail races, the main part is trailed with the main distance of up to 42 kilometers. Since now the maximum distance I managed to run is 42 kilometers, my attention is more drawn to the city trail races with which I decided to continue my acquaintance.

This time he decided to get acquainted with the trail race "Trail over Rossyu", which he learned about last year when he took part in the first edition of the autumn trail race "Village Trail". As well as "Village Trail" trail "Trail over Rossyu" passes on average terrain in the vicinity of Bila Tserkva.

Also, the peculiarities of the trail "Trail over Rossyu" include the fact that this is the oldest trail race among modern trails that take place in the town of Bila Tserkva. The oldest mention that I managed to find on the Internet about him dates back to 2012. In addition, the trail race "Trail over Rossyu" is one of the few races in Ukraine, where the main distance is thirty kilometers.


The trail race "Trail over Rossyu" consisted of one distance - 31 kilometers, which ran through the surrounding area of Bila Tserkva. To get on the trail "Trail over Rossyu" you had to fill out a google form and pay a starting fee of 300 hryvnias.


The trail race "Trail over Rossyu" was scheduled to start at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning, and accordingly meant that my Saturday morning should be quite full of interesting impressions. This morning began with a trip to the town of Bila Tserkva, where he would take part in a trail race. I didn't pick up my start number in advance, so I had to get it before the start of the trail.

The trail race "Trail over Rossyu" began with a countdown, the end of which gave rise to my second adventures on the Bila Tserkva trails. And the trail route turned out to be quite interesting with a lot of interesting locations.

The route of the first 6 miles of the trail was mostly in the shade of trees, so it was quite lively and lively, in addition, the first interesting location awaited the trial participants, namely a pretty good view of the local quarry. At the beginning of the 7 miles, the first KP was waiting for the participants of the race, where they could renew their strength and have a little rest.

The next checkpoint was located at a distance of about 12 miles, the path to it was mainly along the banks of the river Ros, and about 8 to 10 miles through a small grove, where participants were greeted by the building of the Literary Memorial Museum of I.S. Nechuya-Levytsky, and of course they could visit it if they wished.

The last 7-mile section of the trail race "Trail over Rossyu" took place mainly in the open, but its route was paved by the organizers in quite interesting locations. Because the participants of the trial were expected to walk through a cornfield, the territory of the local airfield, and to conquer a small rock, which suddenly appeared in front of the runners.

Before the finish, the trail route passed through the territory of the oldest arboretum in Ukraine - Alexandria. As for me, the last section was the longest, if the first 12 miles of the trail were covered in 2 hours and 17 minutes, then the last 7 miles were covered in about 2 hours.


The trail race "Trail over Rossyu", as well as his younger brother, the autumn trail "Village Trail" in which I took part last year left behind only positive emotions. First of all, the trail was quite well organized, the route was well marked, and volunteers with goodies were waiting for the participants at the food outlets.

The organizers also prepared an interesting trail route, where participants could admire the local quarry, the nature of small forests, the surrounding fields, and the banks of the river Ros. And of course in the end they were waiting for a short walk in the park of Alexandria.

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