Ukrainian thirty kilometer races

on September 18 at 01:12 PM

If you take all the distances for which running events are held, then races for a distance of 30 kilometers are not very popular among the running community. Races, where there is a distance of 30 kilometers, are quite rare. And in my opinion, a distance of 30 kilometers is still a little underestimated.


When I was preparing for my first marathon, I really wanted to run thirty before it, then in 2019 to find a race where there were 30 kilometers among the distances was quite problematic. But then Kharkiv and my running event "Easter run" came to my aid - in its first edition it was a 30-kilometer race.

After that I decided to look for other Ukrainian races with a distance of 30 kilometers:

  • Friends race
  • Trail over Rossyu
  • Golden autumn
  • Shpylivka trail

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