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Tips to Level Up To 99 Farming Fast In OSRS

on September 16 at 04:50 PM

Among all the skills in Runescape, Farming is a very slow skill to level to level up and also cost you a lot. If you want to achieve 99 Farming, you should always ensure you have enough cheap runescape gold in your bank. It requires dedication and persistence to ensure you can get the highest experience rates. If you have limited time to make money, you can consider buying RS gold cheap on Probemas. Besides, here are our tips on how to level up Farming skill fast in Runescape.

Make the most of Farming tools

You see, there are many tools you can opt for both before and after you start quest to master the ancient art of planting crops. Such as Magic Secateurs which allow you to receive a 10% increase in crop yields and will make your life as a farmer much easier. You can also benefit a lot with Falador Shield 2 and Juju Farming Potions. You can get them by doing quests or buy with OSRS gold. If you want to buy these useful tools, you can always buy RS gold cheap on Probemas to help you.

Runescape Farming Guide

Starting off - complete the Quest Fairytale Part 1. You will receive 3.5k experience and you will get level 18 farming in this way.

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Regular trees
Levels 17-30 -Plant oak tree (take 2hr 40 mins with 1 basket of tomatoes).
Levels 30-45 - plant willow seeds(take 4hr with 1 basket of apples).
Levels 45-75 - plant maple tree (take 5hr 20 mins with 1 basket of apples).
Levels 75 -99 - grow magic tree.

Fruit Trees
Levels 27-33- plant apple tree (take 16hr with 9 raw sweetcorn).
Levels 33-39 - plant banana tree (take 16hr with 4 baskets of apples).
Levels 39-42- plant orange tree (take 16hr with 3 baskets of strawberries).
Levels 42-51- plant curry seeds (take 16hr with 5 baskets of banana’s).
Levels 51-57- plant pineapple trees(take 16hr with 10 watermelon's).
Levels 57-99 - plant papaya trees(take 16hr with10 pineapples).

Calquat Tree's
Levels 78-99 - plant Calquat tree in the Tai bo Wan area (take 21hr 28mins with8 poison ivy berries).

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