The best temperature setting for your cannabis vaporizer

on September 15 at 06:30 AM
Temperature plays an important role in vaporizing marijuana. It can affect everything from taste and smell to the final effects. Unlike smoking, where all the plant material is burned in one go (destroying many compounds in the process), vaporization unlocks the various compounds in the herb as the temperature rises, but without destroying them. It gives those who prefer to vaporize much more control over their experience and allows them to get the most out of their cannabis.

But what temperature range is the best for vaporizing marijuana? Which "wins"? Here's a breakdown of what to expect and which compounds you'll be taking advantage of in each temperature range.


It's nice to know that the temperature setting changes the experience, but it would be foolish not to explain why. That answer mainly lies in one factor: boiling points. You see, like basically any other compound, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids have their own boiling points. They become volatile once heated to that point, thus turning into a vapor that you can inhale. As you increase the temperature, you will start to activate different compounds. If you vape at a certain temperature, everything from the taste of the smoke to the high you experience may be different than what would happen at another temperature.




However, when we say "different" does it mean "better"? Should you try to activate certain compounds instead of others?

As with almost all decisions involving you and cannabis, this comes down to personal preference. Before you do anything, ask yourself what you want from your vaping experience, and then see what you are smoking.

If it's buds (rather than concentrate), is it too dry? Is it more likely to burn at a high temperature or can it withstand the heat?

What variety is it? That information alone gives you most of what you need to know, since a simple search for the name on the internet will give you an idea of what cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids you have at your disposal. Look at that list, and then think about what you want from the strain, whether it's recreational pleasure or something else. What flavors do you want to run on your tongue? What kind of high do you want to feel? With an adjustable temperature, it's all up to you.




As we have explained, you will notice different effects and flavors as you increase and decrease the temperature. The way it breaks down is different for each strain, but certain things apply to all of them. To show you what we mean, we'll talk about how you will feel, as well as the compounds you will inhale when you vape at certain temperatures.




• Boiling points:

CBG: 52 ° C
THC: 157 ° C
CBD: 160-180 ° C
Pinene: 155 ° C
Delta-8 THC: 175-185 ° C
Beta-caryophyllene: 160 ° C
Alpha-terpineol: 156 ° C
Beta-myrcene: 166-168 ° C
Delta-3-carene: 168 ° C
1,8-cineole: 176 ° C
D-limonene: 177 ° C
P-cymene: 177 ° C



Although we are sure that some of you are actually more interested in other cannabinoids, we understand that many of you are only concerned about THC. Luckily, THC has the second lowest boiling point of the major cannabinoids, at 157 ° C. CBD is not far behind either, with a volatility range of 160-180ºC. Since these are the most popular cannabinoids, you normally won't find a vaporizer with a minimum temperature below 160ºC. At that point, the boiling point of CBG will also be far exceeded, which is about 52 ° C, relatively cold in comparison.



Most terpenes will reach their boiling point in this temperature range. Among them you will find three of the best known: pinene, beta-caryophyllene and limonene. Pinene, true to its name, leaves a pine trail as the steam glides along your tongue. Following closely, beta-caryophyllene resembles black pepper, and limonene joins a wave of citrus fruits once 177ºC is reached. In addition to providing these flavors, lower temperatures provide a smoother vapor that allows them to stand out much more.




Considering THC reaches boiling point from the start, you'd think vaporizing at low temperatures gets you as high as ever. Surprisingly though, people claim that they don't feel as high when they smoke their preferred strain at a lower temperature. On the contrary, you are more likely to experience a slight euphoria or sense of relief, feeling all of this with a clear mind. Perfect if you just want a little boost before finishing work or getting into bed. It is also ideal for those who prioritize the taste of what they are smoking.



• Boiling points:

Terpinolene: 183-220ºC
CBN: 185 ° C
Linalool: 198ºC




In this case there are no big moves. THC and CBD volatilize at a faster rate in this band, so not that this adjustment is useless at all. It turns out that CBN reaches its boiling point at 185ºC. That cannabinoid tends to accumulate more in the more mature buds, so think about vaporizing at medium temperatures when you find old treasures in your stash.



Although there are not many terpenes that become volatile in this range, pay attention to terpinolene and linalool. The first one offers you a whole forest to enjoy its flavor, offering touches of wood, pine, herbs, lemon and flowers. The linalool provides an identical but different treat, creating a bouquet of rose, lavender, and coriander sprinkled with lemon. It should go without saying that if you fancy a refreshing and invigorating vaping, you should start at this temperature.



As we mentioned before, there is more THC at stake, so you will feel a lot more blind. On the other hand, CBD also has a higher presence, so that will help smooth things out. As the clouds of vapor reach your lungs, you will slow down to a comfortable pace without coming to a complete stop. You can relax, but you won't need your friends to hold things for you. Linalool will also come into play, improving your mood and helping you lower your guard.

For these reasons, the initial temperature range of 185-200ºC is considered ideal for occasional marijuana users.



• Boiling points:

CBC: 220 ° C
THCV: 220 ° C
Terpinolene: 183-220ºC
Terpinen-4-ol: 209 ° C
Borneol: 210 ° C
Alpha-terpineol: 217 ° C
Pulegone: 224 ° C




As the temperature rises towards 220ºC, we will see two cannabinoids reach their boiling point: CBC and THCV. Derived from the same chemical process as THC and CBD, CBC is considered another "important" cannabinoid. Although you won't find much in common strains, clinical research has looked at increasing levels of anandamide, a crucial endocannabinoid made by the body.

THCV, an analog of standard THC, is also in short supply in most strains. There are some strains with larger amounts, but stoners are probably not too interested. Why? Simply because THCV binds to the same receptors as THC, potentially blocking the effects of the latter.




If you stayed in the mid-range, you would have already evaporated some terpinolene. However, by raising the temperature, you put more in your steam, along with many other companions. One of them, borneol, releases a calming aroma of herbs and balm, then offering the taste of camphor. Pulegona is the last to arrive, with its boiling point of 224ºC; and it will be present by leaving invigorating notes of mint on the tongue.

If you are looking for a cannabis strain that provides a true flavor sensation in this range, we recommend Green Gelato , one of our team's favorites.



As the rest of the THC decarboxylates, and the rest of that calming linalool kicks in, it stands to reason that you feel more high in this temperature range. All the other terpenes and cannabinoids are also activated, so this is where you really discover what the strain you have chosen can offer you.

This also reveals how much you've been wasting smoking. If you are vaporizing a strain that you smoke regularly, look at the effect you get with the small amount you carry inside. Normally you would need a couple of cups to get in tune, right? Well, since you are not burning any of those precious compounds, but activating them all, you get more out of your product.




If you are vaporizing buds, you will see that they do not turn to ashes when finished. In fact, it looks like you could still put some use to it . Turns out you can! We don't necessarily mean that you can smoke it again (possible, though harsh and unpleasant), but its usefulness doesn't end there.

We must keep in mind, however, that these tips only apply when you are vaping in the low or medium temperature range. We will not tell you not to try to heat the bud to a certain point, but analyze everything and decide wisely. If it looks like more ash than grass, it wouldn't make sense after all.




Well, who wants an edible? Well, you could add your already steamed buds to your cannabutter or a smoothie. You can also add some fresh and better quality bud to increase the potency. If you don't want to bother with cooking, it can be a great alternative to the milk that you normally add to coffee.

If the butter does not convince you, but you want to eat the steamed bud, you can easily solve it. In theory you can eat it without doing that, but it will be bitter and unappetizing, to say the least. There are guides for curing already vaporized buds on the internet, and the process takes no more than 23 days. You could also simply put the used bud into capsules and swallow it to avoid the taste.



You also have the option of making your own cannabis oil or alcohol tincture. These oils and tinctures can be a good addition to your cup of tea in the evening.

Okay, we said smoking vaporized weed is disgusting, but there is a way to improve it. In particular, if you really want to smoke it, you could turn it into a concentrate with a rosin press. You won't get as much wax as fresh, resinous buds, but something is something! If you have enough, you could take out for a good smoke. What do you think of this type of recycling?



No matter what temperature you're vaping at (within the acceptable range), it's clear that a great experience can be achieved.

Need to start your day off right or get through an important job? Low temperatures will allow you to relax and will suit you. If you want to have a little more fun, maybe you should turn your vaporizer up to medium. Ready to relax and spend the night? Turn up the temperature and start flying. And then when you're done, reuse the weed! Do You Know about frosty's snow cone clear cartridge ?? If not then Comment Below


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