Batteries For Solar Panels

on September 10 at 02:51 AM
Some conclusions about electricity batteries to accumulate excess solar energy

You often ask us: are you interested in installing batteries for my solar panels? And if not, what do I do with the energy that is left over?

The electricity that we cannot consume from our plates, because we are not at home or because it is more energy than we are needing, is known as surplus.

But, is it already possible to compensate for surplus energy produced by my solar panels?

Since March 2020 the surplus energy produced in the solar panels of photovoltaic installations can be discharged to the grid. Thus, the excess energy turned over to the grid and will be offset in the bill for that month.

Selling surplus solar energy to the grid does not make much sense to install batteries or accumulators for solar photovoltaic panels. However, there are times when it is interesting to install a solar battery.


Lithium batteries for solar panels and self-consumption

At tusPlacasSolares we work with batteries from the best brands: BYD, Sonnen, LG, Fronius, Pylontech, Ampere, tesla batteries, etc.

Likewise, we work with 48V high-voltage lithium batteries, compatible with Huawei and other hybrid photovoltaic energy inverters.

However, a study concludes that until 2024, they will not drop in price to around € 100 / kWh and therefore will be very fast to amortize.

Therefore, while this does not happen, we must continue to bet on cheaper and more mature technologies, although less efficient, such as lead batteries.

Batteries or energy accumulators for homes

If you are looking to install batteries in your house or home, whether in the field or main home, you should take into account:
  • What are the best batteries for solar panels of your type
  • Where to buy cheap solar batteries
  • If you are interested in installing a battery to store solar energy


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