Where you can run abroad in the fall of 2020 for Ukrainians

on September 02 at 11:38 AM

The first half of the year was not very cross-country, so there was a very interesting question in which countries you can run in the fall of 2020. Since most countries are still closed for tourists, and therefore their running starts. But still, there are 4 countries that have already opened their borders (some with restrictions), where you can run in the fall.


Countries to which tourists are allowed without restrictions (you need to have insurance to cover the disease on COVID-19)



  • Istanbul Half Marathon
  • Eker Marathon
  • Gallipoli Marathon
  • Istanbul Marathon

Countries that allow tourists with a negative test for coronavirus (PCR or ELISA for antibodies, made no later than 72 hours before crossing the border)


  • Kyustendil Marathon
  • Sofia Marathon
  • Varna Marathon


  • GRAWE Night Maraton
  • Rijecki Marathon
  • Ston Marathon


  • Podgorica Marathon

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