Michael Adoyi


on August 22 at 10:19 PM
Oh! love sublime, oh! love divine;
So real and so deeply rooted in man's consciousness;
The strongest force on earth thou art;
Holding captive even the mightiest of all hearts;
How i long to feel thy sweet embrace;
Never to estrange myself from thee;
Yet sweet as thou art,
So many know not who thou art;
Those who have faith in thee sometimes go astray;
Mistaken thee for lust, concupiscence and infatuation,
So many get burnt, bruised and hurt,
Vowing never to cross thy path again;
Yet deep as thy throes may be,
A deeper craving for thee still lies in man's heart;
Burnt and bruised from the aftermath of thy pains, 
He still instinctively crave fulfillment in thee;
Oh! love, holding man's heart captive for life;
If i must encounter thee,
Let it be in thy deep, purest form;
Guide me lest i look for thee where thou art not;
Steer my feet far away from the path of concupiscence, lust and infatuation
Which satisfy not, but create a void in man's heart;
Let me encounter thee in the warm and affectionate arms of the Eternal Father, thy perfect embodiment;
And guided by Him, may i eventually discover thee
In the abiding devotion of the one special man/ woman
Thou art destined to be my true mate for life.

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