CHSC - Vision and Mission

on August 22 at 08:34 AM


The Vision of the Capital Health Screening Center is working as a Community Health Center. To provide corporation of excellence we collaborate with our community partners. Our team strives to be one of the best health centers in Abu Dhabi beyond the bounds. Thus, we manage to offer affordable primary health care, screening, tests that are record-breaking. 

We aim a disease-free Abu Dhabi through better and authentic diagnostics of diseases. Our experts are constantly overviewing new ways to transform the methods according to high-end technologies.  


The Mission of Capital Health Screening Centre is to provide cost-effective, high quality, comprehensive services. We as health screening service provider services to our community with dedication. Continuous improvements in our services decrease the hassles while tests or screening process. Hence, we own several satisfied individuals and groups for residency visa medical tests and other diagnostic services.  

The journey of CHSC starts with the mission of becoming the most reliable and trusted healthcare service provider in Abu Dhabi. Fortunately, today we reflect our hard work through more than 3000 feet daily. 

  • Diagnostic, curative healthcare, and customer-focused preventive services that helps us to deliver high-caliber results. 
  • Sustain, improve, and promote integrated healthcare services while giving a lesson of fundamentals of delivering with care. 

  • To achieve these fundamental goals, we shall:

  • Implement procedures & policies that comply with applicable health, safety, and environmental laws. And other conditions of UAE and CHSC.
  • 4R initiatives proactive measures avoid occupational injuries that prevent environmental pollution and other transferable diseases. 4R initiatives are Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.   
  • Provide communication, adequate resources while training opportunities. It supports the safety of the environment and health activities as well. 
  • Perform legitimate monitor, surveillance, and reviews on safety, health-related, and environment-related activities. 

 With this support and commitment, we manage to achieve our policies. All staffs or related parties take responsibility to shield their health and safety while protecting others. 


Core Values:

The Core Values of Capital Health Screening Center helps us to achieve our mission. It also represents the main reason for our existence. Our all companies go under these Core values which are: 

  • CHSC strive services in a positive atmosphere with an effective attitude in all branches of CHSC.
  • Ensures to treat and serve with complete concerns, respect, and kindness. 
  • Our integrity & honesty allows us to act truthfully and openly on our actions. 
  • We believe to work together in a cooperative and recognized manner. This power combines our efforts with accomplishment.    
  • The team of CHSC is committed to provide quality and continue adding values to every aspect of our work. We endeavor to exceed the hope of our customers individually. 
  • We acknowledge our vital role in our local communities. While building an understanding of their needs, seeking & searching to serve on their requirements.    

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