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Medical Tests in CHSC:

Capital Health Screening Centre is a well-organized medical center in Abu Dhabi. The center maintains hygiene with international standards. Several required check-ups are operational along with chest X-rays and other blood tests as well. However, a chest x-ray helps to diagnose diseases like Tuberculosis (TB). On the other hand, the blood test is performed to check any transmissible diseases such as Aids, Hepatitis A, B, or C. 

Those who have a scar of TB are not allowed to get a stamp on their visa. Similarly, applicants who got positive results in their blood tests are deported from Abu Dhabi. Therefore, it is better to review your overall health before leaving your homeland from any authorized health screening center. CHSC offers the best quality standard of medical tests & screening for Individuals and Groups. Our test includes:

  • Chest X-ray
  • Blood tests
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Leprosy
  • Hepatitis A, B & C
  • HIV/Aids

Although, it true that all the above tests are not required for every category of workers. Only some special categories are required to follow certain tests as per their occupations. 


Tests & Its Categories:


Leprosy, AIDS/HIV and Tuberculosis tests are compulsory for almost every expatriate, who is seeking for a new resident visa. Consequently, pregnancy tests are for 3 categories, while Syphilis & Hepatitis tests are for 6 categories of workers.

The blood tests ensure to slow down the risk of communicable diseases. For that reason, if a person gets infected or tested positive for his chest x-ray of Tuberculosis, he will be deported from UAE. 


According to UAE laws, those people who are suffering from any of these diseases are not allowed to get a visa.


  • Hepatitis Test:


The Hepatitis tests are performing for newcomers or job seekers for nursery, kindergarten, or babysitting. Workers at health clubs, barbershops, and restaurants or housemaids are also included. In conclusion, people seeking renewal or new visa for these categories are required to do tests for Hepatitis. 


  • Pregnancy Test:


Applicants who are willing to work as a babysitter, domestic helpers, and female drivers must undergo pregnancy tests. It is compulsory before taking medical fitness tests for a residency visa. In case, any woman found pregnant, she will be not allowed to have the visa. 


  • Syphilis Test:


Furthermore, Syphilis tests are obligatory for nurseries, babysitters, domestic helpers, barbershops, and kindergartens workers. Workers for food supply centers, health clubs, restaurants, and any food outlets workers as well. If the applicant has no positive results, he can peruse otherwise he has to be treated and apply for next time.  


  • Tuberculosis Test or TB scars:


Every expat resident has to undergo a chest X-ray while the process of visa renewals. Expatriates already living in UAE can sponsor their family such as spouses, parents, or children for TB scars. If any of them have active TB, they have to follow proper medication and treatments. However, people with active TB seeking a UAE visa will not be able to enter the country. 


All the tests are mandatory and restricted for foreign national seeking residency in the UAE. The Council of Ministers has also relaxed some rules. The main changes are including pulmonary tuberculosis testing as compulsory tests during the visa process. 


Medical Fitness Centers in Abu Dhabi:

Capital Health Screening Center is providing medical testing services with high-quality standards. We are now issuing occupational health cards for salon workers, beauticians, food handlers, barbers, kindergarten staff. Nurses, fitness center employees, and health club workers as well. 

We have 3 medical centers in Abu Dhabi. The main branch is located at Al Jazira Sports Club and other branches are in Mussafah and Al-Ain. All these tests are available in each branch, proud part of the Mubadala Network.   

Medical Fitness Law in Abu Dhabi:

The federal law of the country authorized screening tests required for a healthy living environment. CHSC works to protect the entire community of the UAE against infectious and transferable diseases. Without this protection, our community may behave threats of public health issues.

According to the law of UAE, visitors who are visiting for the first time should go through some necessary testing. This medical testing includes leprosy, tuberculosis, and HIV/Aids before getting a grant of residency visa. However, the law is adding more obligatory tests for new expatriate workers. Especially employees who want to work as housemaids, nursery, kindergarten, or babysitters. Other categories of employees include salons, health clubs, barbershops, restaurants, food outlets, coffee shop drivers, etc. 

All these categories are exposed to the community therefore they have to undergo HIV/Aids tests and hepatitis. In the case of negative cases, three doses of vaccinations should be taken. Once they are done with it, they will have a vaccination certificate. Whenever the resident has to renew the visa, they have to shoe this vaccination certificate to get approval. However, if the applicant does not have vaccination certifications then he/she has to take another certificate with an additional fee of DH.500.


Capital Health Screening Centre is a part of Mubadala’s network, working as world-class healthcare providers. We offer the Abu Dhabi community quick, easy, and convenient visa medical testing services and medical check-ups all in one place. Residency Visa Medical Screening, occupational Health Screening, Corporate group screening & Mobile Screening Unit are available. For further detail visit our website, book online appointment, or call on our Toll-free number 800 SCREEN (800 727 336).

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