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Capital Health Screening Centre, a Mubadala Company, is a member of Mubadala's system of world-class healthcare suppliers. As a specialty unit of Mubadala Development Company, Mubadala Healthcare is assuming an instrumental job in assisting with tending to the district's utmost squeezing healthcare needs. 

By building up organizations with eminent worldwide clinical establishments, Mubadala Healthcare is effectively contributing to create healthcare benefits that furnish patients with world-class treatment in their nation of origin.

Capital Health Screening Centre for Visa Medical gives required, DOH guaranteed visa clinical tests and Emirates ID card enrolment benefits nearby, for the two people and enormous corporate gatherings, at standard government valuing.

Visa clinical screenings are finished in 15-30 minutes with brings about the type of a DOH wellness authentication accessible in 48 hours as standard, 24 hours with the expedited administration and that day with the exceptional assistance if the arrangement happens before 12 pm.

The Centre likewise offers pre and post-business word related health administrations for representatives over the total scope of areas, working environment health and wellbeing surveys, and advantages and annuities qualification appraisals. Devoted inoculation suite that offers basic immunizations to Abu Dhabi occupants. 

Their vision is to deliver exceptionally quick and convenient health screening facilities within the region while upholding the highest standards of quality can patiently care.

Services of CHSC:

Capital Health Screening Centre, the member of Mubadala's system of world-class healthcare suppliers, offers the Abu Dhabi people group snappy, simple and helpful visa clinical test administrations, and clinical registration across the board place.

1- Residency Visa Medical Abu Dhabi Screening:

The standard clinical screening includes screening for transmittable sicknesses, for example, hepatitis, HIV, uncleanliness, syphilis, and tuberculosis to shield the health of the network. It incorporates: 

  • A physical appraisal by a specialist 
  • A basic blood test 
  • A chest x-ray

First-time visa candidates would now be able to profit of the comfort of having their visa test and Emirates ID card enlistment administrations finished simultaneously, in a similar spot. Capital Health Screening Centre proposals on location Emirates ID administrations, taking into account our visitors need to be identified with visa clinical screenings.

2- Occupational Health Screening:

Capital Health Screening Center additionally gives basic word related health administrations remembering clinical tests for work for Abu Dhabi which incorporate pre-business and post-business screenings, bespoke work environment health projects, and infection nonappearance the executives to give some examples. Our administrations are offered to the two people and partnerships, overall enterprises and work divisions, contingent upon the need of the association. 

Capital Health Screening Center has assembled magnificent notoriety in Abu Dhabi, conveying vigorous, esteem included word related health counsel that is customized to suit the cutting edge business.

Our clinicians in the Occupational Health group guarantee that the Centre works to the most elevated of principles, concentrating on lean procedure streams, focused on furnishing customers with the top tier. 

  • Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening is led before recruiting a worker. The screening is attempted to guarantee a vocation candidate has no prior health conditions that may influence their exhibition at work, making it troublesome or dangerous. Pre-business screening may likewise incorporate residency visa screening to guarantee an applicant is good for work when employed. 

  • Post-employment screening

Post-employment screening is completed intermittently by bosses to guarantee representatives can keep on playing out their occupations without danger of injury to themselves, clients, and colleagues.

3- Corporate Group Screening

Capital Health Screening Center's Corporate Group Screening administrations are prestigious for its productive residency visa clinical administrations, brief pivot times, and most excellent norms. Its Corporate Group Screening administrations are available for residency visa medicals, pre-work screenings, and word related health screening administrations. 

Corporate Group Screening administrations are suggested for gatherings of at any rate 20 and up to 200 workers. Capital Health Screening Center as of now benefits more than 700 corporate customers, extending from little to huge measured ventures. 

What does Corporate Group Screening include? 

Corporate Group Screening incorporates the standard strategies for residency visa screening, including a physical appraisal by a specialist, a blood test, and a chest x-beam. 

Word related health screening incorporates clinical and symptomatic evaluations, identified with the worker's occupation, for example, audiometry tests, spirometer, visual sharpness, and others as required by organizations. Word related health bundles can be redone dependent on necessities. 

Why pick Capital Health Screening Center? 

Our corporate administrations are prestigious for their speediness, proficiency, and comfort for gatherings of up to 200 workers. 

Our administrations are accessible at the Capital Health Screening Center office or at your preferred site through our portable screening unit. We can tailor our full choice of screening administrations to suit your corporate needs. 

We will work intimately with your Public Relations Officer (PRO) to guarantee a consistent encounter for your representatives. The Center will likewise give moving business screenings to organizations upon demand. 

Portable screening at the working environment is additionally accessible for enormous corporate gatherings, in a solitary area.

4- Mobile Screening Unit:

To additionally expand access and accommodation to huge corporate gatherings, Capital Health Screening Center presented its first-of-its-sort portable screening administrations in 2012. Every versatile screening unit is completely prepared to give the full set-up of residency visa screening administrations, just as pre-business and word related health screenings, legitimately in the work environment. Counting provincial territories, for example, the Western area. 

Capital Health Screening Center's bespoke armada of 3 versatile screening units upgrades access and comfort while guaranteeing a brief, effective, and bother free understanding for the two bosses and workers, with results accessible in as meager as 24 hours through our express screening bundles.

Schedule an Appointment:

Arrangements can be made in the accompanying manners: 

You can book an appointment by calling on 800 SCREEN (800 727 336) or through emailing us at [email protected] 

What to Carry 

It would be ideal if you note underneath the archives you have to bring to the middle for your visa clinical screening: 

For New Visas: 

  • The unique passage allows or duplicates of e-visa. 
  • Unique identification. 
  • Protection Card (duplicate/unique) or protection card receipt duplicate or clinical card, if the visa is given from UAE emirates other than Abu Dhabi. 

For Visa Renewal: 

  • Unique identification and Visa stepped on the visa. 
  • Identification duplicate, a duplicate of visa stepped on visa and unique Emirates ID. 
  • Protection Card (duplicate/unique) or protection card receipt duplicate or clinical card, if the visa is given from UAE emirates other than Abu Dhabi. 

What to Attire 

To guarantee your screening happens as proficiently as conceivable it is suggested that you wear: 

  • Plain, unembellished dress. 
  • Short sleeves, as this is especially suggested for blood testing. 
  • It has to be noted that different changing offices are accessible for the two people whenever required.


It can be said that Capital Health Screening Center, a Mubadala Company, is an individual from Mubadala's arrangement of having a world-class healthcare provider. 

As a claim to fame unit of Mubadala Development Company, Mubadala Healthcare is accepting an instrumental activity in helping with keeping an eye on the state's most extreme crushing healthcare needs. 

By working up associations with prominent overall clinical foundations, Mubadala Healthcare is viably adding to make healthcare benefits that outfit patients with world-class treatment in their country of beginning. 

Capital Health Abu Dhabi Screening Center gives required, DOH ensured visa clinical tests and Emirates ID card enrolment benefits close by, for the two individuals and huge corporate social occasions, at standard government esteeming. 

Visa clinical screenings are done in 15-30 minutes with realizes the kind of a DOH health validation available in 48 hours as standard, 24 hours with the sped-up organization and that day with the excellent help if the course of action occurs before 12 pm.

The Center in like manner offers pre- and post-business word related health organizations for agents over the complete extent of territories, working condition health and prosperity reviews, and favorable circumstances and annuities capability evaluations. 

Dedicated vaccination suite that offers essential inoculations to Abu Dhabi inhabitants. Their vision is to convey incredibly brisk and helpful health screening offices inside the locale while maintaining the best expectations of value would the patient be able to mind. 

With plenty of services provided by Capital Health Screening Center are making it one of the finest health care Centre around the world. Their working staff is extremely corporative and ready to help you anytime you want. They are charging very reasonable rates and delivering you the services just as you want.

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